We’ve got food, lots of food!

We were grocery shopping with our pa this morning! What an experience it was!
We went to the store, and we went during the 2 hour window that is set aside for elderly shoppers, or those who are vulnerable or disabled.
When we first went in we had to sanitise our hands, and there was disinfectant to wipe down the carts! We did that and then we went in, but there was a long line to go into the store to shop!
We finally got in there, and I got everything I needed.
I spent 100 euro! Now I have enough food to last me for 2 weeks! I am good to go! I certainly wont go hungry!
When we were done and on our way out to phone a taxi to go home, the lines were so long to get in, I said to my PA its a good thing we came when we did! There were two huge lines of people waiting to get in!
I certainly dont want to have to go through all that again unless I absolutely have to!
But I am grateful I was able to get everything on my list. I am also grateful for the store assistant who helped me find the vegetarian sausages, and I am grateful for the other store assistant who got me some change so that I could put it in the cart. Its 2 euro for a cart, but you get it back when your done shopping!
Some people are so helpful! I am glad to see that and it makes me smile!

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#1 liner wednesday

You just gotta keep going. Do all you can to be kind, look out for each other, make sure your friends and neighbours are ok, safe, have what they need. If we all try to look out for one another during this epidemic, the world will be a better place and we’ll all come out stronger in the end.


Word of the day: Limerick

Nitros puppy walker her name is helen, she comes from a city in ireland called limerick. Limerick is in the south of ireland, just like cork where I live is. Its a pretty big city. Its known for having a high crime rate, and some people in ireland call it stab city because so many people get stabbed on the streets there. Its not a city I’d want to live in, but I’ve visited it a few times. I’ve never visited Nitro’s puppy walked, although we’re friends on facebook. She loves when I post pictures of Nitro. Even though I dont like limerick, I would visit her if I could, just to talk to her about Nitro and find out what he was like as a pup. That would be so amazing to be able to find out about him…

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Who won the week? March 15th 2020

I am participating in fandangos challenge of who won the week!
For me, this week, my supervisor from friendly call won the week!
Why? Because she’s doing so much work in the community to help vulnerable people!
Due to corona virus, we’re all self isolating, and working from home. My supervisor has asked us to ask all of our clients when we talk to them, if they need anything, and if they do, she’s asked us to contact her and she’ll get whatever they need to them!
So that means going shopping, braving the crazy lines, crazy stores to get whatever they may need!
She’s a saint, IMO!
She just wants to make sure the elderly and vulnerable people in our community are ok! I commend her for that!
We all need to try harder to be more neighbourly and less about me me me all of the time!


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Omg I think we arent far from going into complete lockdown!

Well guys, just heard on our news that from midnight tonight, all pubs here in ireland, and nightclubs, they are all closing their doors to the public until at least March 29th, but considering everything going on with the coronavirus, it will probably end up being much longer than that that they’ll be closed.
I know spain is in complete lockdown now, and france has closed all of its cafe’s, restaurants, and I think it wont be too long now before we’re in complete lockdown here in ireland.
Right now we have 129 cases of coronavirus here, which I know doesnt sound like a lot, but Ireland is a small country with a population of only 4 million. We’ve had two deaths from the virus so far. I also heard that the virus is in 140 countries worldwide now.
Its going to be a very quiet few weeks, I think. Since I’m going to be home a lot, I think I’ll get a lot of reading done, and will be watching lots of tv and lots of shows on netflix.

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I love kind people!

I had such a lovely experience going home today.

The taxi driver who brought me was awesome! He was very friendly, and when we got to my house he not only carried my shopping bag and laptop in to my front door, he actually waited until I’d opened the door and he put them into my hallway for me. I was so grateful to him as I had Nitro so I wasnt able to carry extra bags.

I love it when people are kind. We had a nice conversation on our way to my house. I was asking him if he was nervous having people in his taxi, in case he caught coronavirus. He said no, that if your gonna catch it your gonna catch it. I guess that is somewhat true, but I’m nervous getting in taxi’s now since I dont know whose been in them before me.

But it was a very nice experience and interaction and it has really restored my faith in humanity, I’ve had problems recently in taxi’s, with some drivers. The company I used today, I use them a lot. So I know a lot of the drivers, and I knew this guy too. I tipped him a few extra euros for helping me to bring in my bags. He deserved that.

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Blustery night

The wind whips up
Rain falls
Bouncing off the ground
And windows
Me and Nitro
Are cosy and warm
In our cocoon
With the heat on
I hear the rain
Hammer my window paynes
Oh how glad I am
Not to be
Outside on this wet night