Do I look like an idiot?

Thats what I wanted to say to the scammers who called me from tunizia this morning.
Twice, I got two calls.
I am like, Ignore, ignore, ignore! I am not calling you back.
I heard if you call the number back you get through to a sex line and a load of money gets put on your bill.
I have a bill pay phone so my bill would sky rocket!
These scammers dont give up though. Thank god my Iphone tells me where the call is originating from.
They can go fuck right off!
If its not a phone scam, its email scams.
I got a load of bit coin emails, and Iphone reward emails, and other shit that I deleted.
Honestly I’m so fed up with their bullshit!
If they think they are catching me they can bloody well think again!