night time

night time is here
in all its glory
sitting at my computer screen
peace and quiet
thinking, thinking
slept for a few hours
feels like I didn’t get enough sleep
I don’t feel rested
1 AM now
radio on
music, sweet to my ears
my dog comes to sit by me
nuzzling into me
then I realise
He wants to go outside
so outside we go
In the back yard
Stillness, quietness
surprisingly I am not nervous
of being outside at such a late hour
I relish the peace
after 5 minutes
we come back inside again
back to my computer screen I go
I hope this night continues
to stay peaceful

Today, I

Today I Release toxic thoughts and emotions, unhealthy environments, unfruitful relationships, thoughts of revenge and unforgiveness, thoughts of envy and strife, negative words I spoke to others, negative words I have spoken about myself. I let it go today, right now, and I live a life filled with love, peace, and freedom.
Joice Mandigma


I’ve gotten a Catnap

Thats what I got. I went to bed early. I was super tired after the workmen being in my house all day. But I only slept on and off a little. And very fitfully.
Its now 12:30 AM. I am wide awake.
I think I’ll stay up a while, read some blogs. Then when or if I feel tired again I’ll go back to bed for a few hours. Thats a big if though. Right now I am drinking a cuppa.
Its a very peaceful night. I actually love it.


Music Monday challenge!

So the word of the day blog has a new musical challenge each Monday!
I thought today I’d participate in it!
The challenge is to write a story or poem on what you are feeling when you hear the piece of music that is provided!
Heres what I wrote today!

Relaxed, serene
Peaceful, calm
Happy, content
This is bliss
Life is good

Alexas healing words for Tuesday

Love harder when it’s hard. Be the observer when we are triggered. Start the day with gratitude. Find the goal in problems,not the frustration. Steer your energy towards being in peace and joy and building what matters to your life and well-being. Compassion is the compass. Peace is the destination and joy is the path.
Kiplimo Chemirmir