Book promo post! Bettina’s Bonus by Anna Fondant

This is a book promo post! A blogger friend, Paula Light, has written this wonderful romance novel, she writes under a pen name but she’s ok with people knowing its her that wrote the book!

Heres the description of the book!

Bettina meets Greg on a blind date gone topsy-turvy. He’s the wrong man who might just turn out to be Mr. Right. It’s not so simple though. Bettina has to overcome her preconceived notions about men and relationships in order to learn to love and trust again. Greg has some heart-healing to do himself as he falls for Bettina’s seductive charms. Will passion’s flame burn out, or can these two fragile hearts nurture that fire into something that lasts for a lifetime?

And heres the link to buy a Kindle version:

This book looks awesome! I recommend you go buy a copy right away!
Paulas writing is top notch!


Book promo: Going dark, by paula light

Paula light who blogs over at light motifs has written a wonderful book, actually she’s written more than one, I read this one a few weeks ago. It was amazing! She is very talented and her writing is captivating and really draws you in!

This is what Paula says about her book…read below…

Going Dark is Paula Light’s second collection of poetry and short fiction. As the title suggests, the subject matter can be a little dark at times, but there are also many bright and hopeful pieces too. The main focus is about emotional healing.

Here is a link to the Kindle version:

Here is a link to the Audiobook:

Do read it if you can! You wont be disappointed!


3TC Creep, wish, soup

Do you want a bowl of soup, jan asked the man sitting next to her at her table. They were at a dinner party, she’d seen him looking at her and then at the array of food on the counter.
Soup? he questioned?
Yes, she said. There is mushroom, and vegetable up there. I’m grabbing some for myself, so shall I go get some for you?
Oh yes please, If you dont mind, he said. So up she got and she quickly went to where the food was being served, two bowls of vegetable soup, she said, and then brought them back to their table.
Are you alone? The man asked.
Yes, jan said wondering why he was looking at her so strangely.
She’d only tried to be friendly and help him to get some food.
All of a sudden he started to stare intently at her. he looked her up and down with an evil glint in his eye.
He was making her very nervous. What should she do? She thought and then she made her excuses and got up.
I need to go now, she said as she turned on her heels and tried to leave.
Oh no you dont, he said jumping up!
I wish I was invisible! Jan thought as she heard herself start shouting at him!
Fuck off! You are a creep!
Go annoy someone else!
Im not going to let you push me around!
Piss off!
By now all the guests had stopped what they were doing, stopped eating, and were looking at them both.
The guy got flustered, and just as he was about to grab her, Jan lifted her leg and kicked him hard!
I said piss off! she shouted, and I meant it!
Now dont talk to me again!
And with that, Jan marched off in the opposite direction.


?? Book review:Going dark, by paula light ??

I have just finished the second of Paulas books, paula light, who blogs over at light motifs.
Her book going dark is a great one. Its a short read, the audio version is 41 minutes in length, so I was able to read it in one sitting! It is a fantastic page turner!
If you love poetry and short stories then this is the book for you! I loved the dark poetry in this volume. My favourite pieces were angel, waves, and kalaideascope.
Paula is a fantastic writer. I’ve read both of her books now and both of them left me wanting more! I highly recommend you read them. The links to them are below!
the amazon link is

and the audiobook link is:

Do enjoy them! You will not be disappointed!

And if you can you should also go check out Paulas blog light motifs she’s a really awesome blogger!

Thanks for the fabulous reads Paula! I thought the two books were awesome!


Book review: burnt offerings, by Paula light

I’ve just had the pleasure of reading Paula lights new book, burnt offerings. Paula blogs over at Light Motifs, and she is a fantastic writer, she writes poems, fiction and the book is a collection of short fiction stories and it also has some poetry in it.
It was a great read! Entertaining, gripping, and it kept me wanting more!
My favourite stories in the book were the smoothie, valentines, and there was also a poem about being from different places, that I really liked!
The book is available on kindle, and in audio. I read the audio version!
Its a short read, I read it in one sitting!
I highly recommend this book! If you enjoy poetry and short stories, then this is the book for you!
Do have a read of it I will put the link to it below!

Link to paulas book, burnt offerings, on amazon…

Do also check out Paulas blog over at
Give her a follow, she’s a really awesome person and you will love her blog as much as I do!
She also got nominated for an award lately her award post can be found here!

Her book kept me distracted when I was unable to sleep last night, so, thanks so much, Paula!
I am so grateful for the distraction!


3 things challenge PL148

Welcome to the 3 things challenge, hosted by Paula of light motifs!
Today paula has given us 3 great words to work with!
They are below!

Today’s prompt: xylophone, mirage, lisp

A mirage of color
Lights up the sky
Blue, yellow, orange
Oh look how bright and beautiful it is
See its beauty
As you start your day
Good morning to all!
A bright sky
A brand new day!


Blog shout out! Light motifs!

Paula has a fabulous blog where she writes wonderful stories and musings. Go check her out and pay her a visit!

She also does a daily challenge, 3TC! Its fab!

Her link is

Go give her a follow!

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