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Last week I asked for some suggestions for potential provocative questions and a few of you came through with some good ones. This one comes from Paula Light over at Light Motifs II.

Her question revolves around interpersonal relationships. She asks

When it comes to your friends, your spouse, your significant other, or members of your family, is it better to confront them about things they say or do that bother or upset you or is it better to try to ignore those things in order to maintain peace in your relationship?

Well, my family arent good at this, so when it comes to my family, I dont confront them, because well, it only leads to distress, and stress. Especially with my dad, who argues a lot. With my friends, I do think it is good to confront them, I mean what is friendship if you cant work out any issues you are having? Friendship will only deepen if you make sure to work on any issues you are having. With a partner or significant other, I do think honesty is best, even if it hurts sometimes, so yes, I would confront them on issues, and with my partner i have done in the past.