worry about both of my parents

both of my parents are ill. first my dad has UC ulcerative colitis. he just found this out last week. trying to get him to listen to advice is just not going at all well for me. i told him he needs to not eat certain foods. he got a sheet from his dietician, foods to avoid. think he’s avoiding them? nooooo. same with alcohol. his gastroenterologist told him not to drink. it makes the UC worse. but he’s not listening. his gastro doc wrote him up for some tests. a kolonoskopy, an ultrasound on his liver, and a chest x-ray, all within the next few weeks. he’s also going to have a bone density scan as well.it worry for me. a lot of worry. he may in the future if things dont improve have to have an operation to put a stoma bag in place but they’re saying that is the last resort. that everything else that can be done will be done first. he’s taking nutritional drinks right now to try to put weight on him. he is skin and bones, always cold, and I am worried.

then my mom has COPD. she cant walk very far. she is on 5 inhalers. she struggles to catch her breath. she keeps trying to do things, and I keep telling her she’s doing too much. like for instance today she cut my grass. i told her not to do it. do ya think she’d listen to me? noooo. the middle of her right lung is collapsed. on friday she goes back to the surgeon to see what he is going to do for her. she had a bronkoskopy a few weeks back. i dont think she can be left with a collapsed lung. so it is probably going to mean surgery for her. i am soooooo nervous. its just a lot of worry for me and i find it hard to cope with both of them being ill at once.