Its Wednesday, middle of the week, yay

i woke up at 2:45 and couldnt go back to sleep so I got up.
I love the early mornings. Its now 4:13 and I’ve been reading blogs for the last hour. I’ve also had the radio on. Nitro is still sleeping.
I’m about to go make coffee, to perk me up.
But before I do that, I wanted to write a post. I dont have much going on today, but my parents are coming over. My dad is going to cut the grass for me. Mom would normally do it, but she told me last week she’s no longer able to manage it, so for now my dad will do it for me. Not sure how long he can do it for but he’s ok to do it for now at least.
My sister will drop them off on her way to work, and then after she finishes work she’s taking me to get my shot. I get a shot of trevicta every 3 months, it keeps me relatively stable. I’m nervous about going up to the clinic to get it, but dr. Barry told me last week I wouldnt be waiting to long, they are trying to get everyone in and out in a matter of minutes.
My sis will drop me back home afterwords, and then I have to work for a few hours on friendly call.
By the time I am done working it’ll be dinner time. Around 5 PM.
I’ve been feeling a little off today, so if my mood doesnt improve I may call eileen, we’ll see. she has said I can, if I need to.

My awesome mom!

I watch you
Lovingly prepare dinner
Your attention to detail
You just wanting to get it absolutely perfect for us
I watch you lay the table
Offering to help out
But you say, no, dear
With a smile on your face
And as we sit together eating
I think to myself
How much I love you, mom
How much you’ve sacrificed for me
How much you care
How awesome you are
My love for you flows eternal
Forever, and always
I love how we can enjoy our dinner
together, just the two of us
Precious memories, to hold tight to


Long weekend is over!Heading home!

So I am heading home today from my paretnts house!
I will go home after we’ve eaten dinner!
We are having ham, cabbage, peas and potatos yum yum!
I am a bit worried about having to give Nitro his meds for the rest of the week, he’s so cute that sometimes he’ll spit them out and I dont know he’s doing it!
Mom has given me squares of soft cheese to put the tablets into.
Hopefully that’ll do the trick, I will hide them and when I open his mouth to put in the tablet I will hold his chin up so he has to swallow it!
Its been a nice weekend, quiet, relaxing, just how I like it.

3 cheers to our children, our little heros

Everyone is applauding everyone but our children. These little heroes have stayed indoors more than they’ve ever known in their lives. Their whole worlds have literally been turned upside down. All these rules they’ve never known. A life they couldn’t have imagined. All the things they love like sports, being with friends, going to school, or just being kids have all been taken away from them. Adults talking about others becoming unwell, news reporting death after death. Our poor children’s minds must be racing. Every day they get up and carry on despite all that’s going on. So heres to our little heroes: today, tomorrow, forever.
Author Unknown

Night time ramble

I woke up a lot tonight. I went to bed early, well 10 Pm which is early for me. I read for a while in bed, and then i fell asleep, but it was fitful sleep, I kept waking up with nightmares.
Eventually I gave up at around 1:30 aM and I got up. I’ve stayed up since then.
I’ve been listening to a talk show on the radio. Its a repeat of a show that was on this morning. I missed it though so am catching up now.
I have decided that later this morning, I’m going to head to my parents house. I was planning on going on friday, for the long weekend, but I think I’ll go today. I am needing the company of others.
I dont really like taking a taxi there, but i use a company that sanitises their car doors, seats, etc. And all of the drivers know me, and they dont mind taking nitro in their cars which is great.
I also want to tahnk you all for all of the ongoing support and kind comments you’ve left on my blog. I really appreciate them.
The weather outside is still terrible, but I’m dont have to go out in it so i am happy. Nitro is fast asleep. He was on the bed with me earlier but he got too hot and he jumped off.
I hope you’ve all had a nice day and evening, stay safe, wash your hands, stay well…

If we go into complete lockdown

Here in ireland our government is talking about putting the country into a complete lockdown, its being decided tomorrow what they will do. If we do go into lockdown, I’ve decided that I will go to my parents house for the foreseeable future, until this is all over. I am safer there. And it would be really difficult for me to get food, meds etc if we go into lockdown because my PA’S wouldnt be working, and I’d have nobody to go to the store for me or who could take me. The reason we have to go into lockdown is because this past weekend our beaches, public parks and walk ways were packed with people, people arent taking the social distancing seriously, they are treating the pandemic as if they wont catch the virus, and so why bother taking precautions? Its really selfish of them considering there are many vulnerable people, elderly people, sick people and people who need to avoid catching it at all costs. So this is why now our government is having an emergency meeting tomorrow to put a plan in place. God knows how long the lockdown will go on for when it starts, as our head of government said last week, this is a storm, it will come, and when it does we need to be ready. I am thankful I have somewhere safe to go. I am thankful I have my parents still. Its times like this when I know how lucky I am to have the support of family.
carol anne