Fathers day 2019

I’d like to wish all of you a very happy fathers day!

I hope everyone had a nice fathers day today, and if you still have your dad in your life, I hope he has a nice day too. For those who dont, I hope you can remember him with fondness and that you have many happy memories of spending time with him throughout the years.
As for me, my dad is still here with me, he had a nice day, I gave him a card with some money in it, and we had a family dinner with all of us myself, my sister, mom and my dad and my sisters two kids all together. It was very special.
I am very happy we got to make lots of happy memories today. It felt nice to be able to do that. My dad was very happy with his gifts, and I think he felt appreciated and special on his special day.

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Parents friend

My parents are going to visit their long time friend this morning. He’s dying. He hasn’t got long to live.

He’s been asking to see them. He’s got a tumour on his lung. Poor guy. I feel for him.

I don’t envy them having to visit him, I think it will be hard, visiting someone whose dying isn’t going to be easy.

What do you say? How do you handle it? I don’t think I could do it.

I do think though that its good they will go, before he passes on. It will be good for them to be able to say a goodbye. This may be the last time they see him.


Well now…Thank god its friday!

I love Fridays! I love that its almost the weekend!

This weekend is going to be good for me! I am going to my parents as usual to spend the weekend!

But tomorrow there is a work function that is going on for friendly call. I will be going to it. Its a meet and greet for new clients. New people who are referred to us, but there will also be some of our clients who are already service users there.

We’ll have coffee, tea, cakes and sandwiches. And a bit of a chat also.

It should be good!

That is my only plan this weekend. But I will hopefully have fun there and enjoy it.

My mom is babysitting my sisters kids for the weekend. So they’ll be at her house all weekend. My sisters going off to Killarney with her partner for two nights. I hope they’ll have fun!

Well whatever you do have a great friday and an even better weekend!

Right now I am just waiting for my PA amanda to get here! She’ll be here in an hour. I’m thinking of going for breakfast. I need to go get my money out of the ATM and I am thinking of having my breakfast while I am out doing that.

We’ll see. I might do it. Or then again I may just eat fruit that I have here at home.

Catch yall later!

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Dads ill, prayers needed

Can you all please send some prayers and good wishes to our dad?
He’s ill! He has a severe chest infection! He went to the doctor and the doctor gave him a course of steroids, and an antibiotic to take.
The doctor also said he has low iron, and needs to have his bloods checked again, to see how low it actually is now, and so he made an apt for april 16th to have his bloods done on that date.
Also he is going to be having a bone density scan soon as he has brittle bone and its getting worse, he’s had some flare ups recently.
So any and all prayers and good thoughts wishes good vibes are appreciated!
thanks guys!

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At our parents house

I didnt feel safe at home. I feel so unsafe. So I rang mom. I asked her if I could come over, spend tonight and tomorrow night at their house.
She agreed. So I am here now. I am glad of the company. At least I cant really isolate when I am here.
I booked my taxi to take me to college tomorrow morning. I feel I should make an effort and go. So I booked it and whether I sleep tonight or not I will go.
Its better if I go. It is best if I keep busy. Stay distracted.
My thoughts are a little overwhelming at the moment. So I made some tea. I watched a little tv with my parents. Now I’m in the bedroom where I’ll probably stay for the rest of tonight.

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Lazy Friday

I’m having a very lazy day today.
I didnt do much of anything.
Mom went grocery shopping with my sister in the morning. I just stayed home.
I am planning on going out for a walk in a little while. Gotta get my exercise in for the day.
We had a lovely dinner of stuffed chicken with broccoli, peas and mashed potato. It was really nice. I’d bought the stuffed chicken when we were out the other day.
Dad cooked it. He’s a good cook too.
I’m glad I’m going to get a walk in today. Its a beautiful day today. The sun is out and its really warm. I love walking in warm sunny weather.
When I get back I am going to read or watch tv. I’m still not finished my book groomed, by casey watson. The reader of the book is so annoying. It makes it so hard to finish the book.

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Keeping on keeping on

Im still feeling like crap. I decided to go to my parents house. I can have support there, mom and dad will be able to help me out, with nitro, if I need help, etc. I will be taken care of. So I went there today. Im still feeling awful though. I debated going to the emergency out of hours doctor, but I decided against it. I know he wont give me anything, it seems whatever this illness is, its more viral. My throat hurts, I am sucking cough sweets for that. I also took lemsips, and paracetamol. Not together though as there is paracetamol in the lemsip. I slept well last night. I woke up at 7 AM but I just got up and fed nitro and when right back to bed until 10 AM. Then I rang mom and she told me to go down there. So I did. I managed to do a little of my college work too, so I am feeling accomplished, at least I got a little of it done. I got my slides done up for the presentation I have to give, I decided that I am going to present on schizophrenia, that was a good decision as there is plenty of info online about it. Now I am going to rest up for the afternoon. I will continue to take lemsips and cough sweets, but I am going to take things easy for the rest of today.