Bloody hell!

My dad winds me up! I am proud of myself though!

He started on at me about getting up to early. About how he wanted to stay in bed and couldn’t because of me!

I ignored him! I didn’t bother to reply to his moaning and whining!

I went to my room and started reading blogs! 😀

Mom brought me in a mug of tea! Thanks mom I love you!

I am so proud of myself for not rising to the bait!

I did good! I don’t know why he has to moan and whine anyway, its not like he stays in bed past 8 AM! He gets up early on most days!

Just because I got up at 7:30, and showered, doesn’t mean he has to bloody make a huge scene!

Honestly its pathetic!
carol anne

Midnight thoughts

midnight. am wide awake. of course i am. i slept in late. i went back to bed this morning to read, and after reading for a little while I fell asleep. I didnt wake up until mom called me at 2:30.

Now I am awake, I’m watching a show on tv about a guy whose having gastric bypass surgery. I think the show is called my 600 pound life? Its a good show. Really interesting. This guy weighs 40 stone, not sure how much that is in pounds, oh hang on, will ask alexa, ok alexa told me its 560 pounds. Gosh that is a lot. This guy is only 31 years old too so he’s quite young! I cant imagine weighing that much.

I made myself some coffee, I’ve been thinking about tomorrow, about meeting the new PA, that is going to be happening in the morning, I hope it goes well.

I’ll be going volunteering tomorrow afternoon also. Not sure if I have a ride there or not, need to ring my supervisor in the morning and ask her if she can pick me up and if so at what time she can do that.

Will be going to my parents house for the weekend, I’ll go there after my shift tomorrow afternoon and spend the weekend at their house.
carol anne



I had a relaxing day. I slept a lot. I went to bed at around 2 Pm and read for a long time. Then I slept for ages. It felt so good.
Now its gone 5 AM and I got up, I am meant to go volunteering today but I doubt I will go, my supervisor is out sick, so there will be nobody there to help me and give me my list of people to call. So I will skip it for today and go in on Friday instead.
I am going to go to my parents house today I think. I just feel like going to visit them even though I only saw them at the weekend. I may even stay there tonight. Im not sure if I will or not yet but I am thinking on it.


Midmorning update

so dad and me are managing without mom being here. he’s not whining much thank god! I am coping. I am doing much better than I expected. I had breakfast, and showered, without any hassle from him, without any complaints. he’s gone out now. he went to the bookies to do his weekly looto numbers. he’s also gone for a drink. he’ll only be gone for about 2 hours. that’s his routine and he never strays from it. he’s a creature of habit is my dad. he is very particular about times. im heading out later this afternoon to normas house. but not until four pm. I already booked my taxi. i’ll have lunch before I go and then have dinner when I get back, but that wont be until around 7:30 tonight. im looking forward to spending time with norma. I might also go visit her tomorrow. was meant to be going to my friend rose’s house tomorrow but she’s ill so she canceled. she has some sort of virus. I hope she’ll be ok. so when I see norma today I will ask her if she’s free tomorrow and i’ll go over to her house in the afternoon after we’ve had dinner. mom is having a great time camping, I’ve been talking to her. twice this morning we talked. she said she’s having fun so that’s awesome. i’m happy for her.

Dads finally listening!

so well…yes! my dad is finally giving in after months of stubbornness. He’s finally listening to mom and me and tomorrow he says he’s going to have mom ring the hospital and ass where his letter for his last apt to see his consultant got to. He never got it you see. And so he never had a follow up apt since last October. He rang in april and the secretary said his case was being reviewed, and he’d have a letter with a follow up apt within weeks. Well he never got it and he didn’t do anything about it. He refused to listen to me or to mom. He just kept thinking it would show up. The longer it went on the more stubborn he got. The more he wouldn’t listen and the worse his bowel problems are getting. He’s in a lot of pain. Then the company that prescribes one of his meds, a rectile foam for pain and inflammation stopped making the foam. He tried to ask the pharmacy to get it brought in from somewhere, obviously they couldn’t because the company stopped making it. They managed to get him one bottle of it but they said he’d have to ask his doctor to prescribe something else. So finally he’s going to do it. Finally. And finally he’s making plans to go back to the doctors. The doctor had said he’d put him on injections to bring down the imflamation. But first he has to stop drinking alcohol. He hasn’t done it. He’s still drinking and there is no sign of him stopping any time soon. Mom and me keep telling him they wont give him any injections while he’s drinking, because they are steroids and there are nasty side effects to them. And alcohol is not going to help. Mom says he doesn’t want to stop drinking. I think I agree with her that he doesn’t. But well we’ll see. Now he may just have to if his doc says he has to. First though he has to get an apt with the consultant. That could take a while given the state of our health system. I am worried that tomorrow when my mom rings, they’ll say they sent the letter and he should have got it and now that he didn’t and gave them no answer he’s off the waiting list. He’ll go mental if that happens. I can see it now. He’ll go ape shit. So hoping it wont happen. I guess only time will tell. At least now he’s willing to be seen again and work on whatever his issues are. That’s progress.

naps and relaxing

so i had a really quiet afternoon. i did absolutely nothing.
i just slept. yes i know its lazy but oh well. dont really care. i needed the rest.
i slept from around 1:30 until 5:30. yes it means i will be late going to sleep tonight, but well thats ok with me. as long as i get 7 hours of sleep tonight if i can manage it, i’ll be happy.
my mom was very helpful to me today. she went out with my sister to buy camping supplies, i asked her if she’d pick up fruit for the week for me. she said of course she would so i gave her some money and she brought me back a ton of fruit. so now i’m well stocked up for the week.
i’ve decided that I am going to spend the week at my parents house. i could have went home for a few days and came back again nearer the weekend. but mom asked me today if I’d like to stay for the week. since mom and my sis are going camping next weekend with the kids, i’ll be staying here with my dad then. so really that means i’ll be here from today until next monday.
thats fine, though. i’ll do what i normally do in any given week. all it means is that i’ll sleep here and eat here.
thanks to all of you for all of the support today. it meant so much to us.
we really are blessed to have so many people who read our blog who care. your all amazing.
carol anne


Visited my parents

so i just got home from my parents house. I spent the morning there.
It was nice. I debated whether I should go to the basement club or to my parents. But in the end I picked my parents.
I had breakfast with them. They were both glad to see me I think.
After breakfast they both went outside as they had to paint the wall in the front of the house. I stayed inside on my phone. I went on facebook for a while.
After they got done we all had some coffee and while we were drinking it my coordinator of my PA service rang. She has found a new PA for me, her name is Amanda. Thats all I know until I will meet her next week. Apparently my old PA had to be given 2 weeks notice before a new one can start working with me.
I have a feeling the girl that they found is young, my friend norma has an amanda working with her, if its the same girl then she is in her 20’s. It may not be, but the likelihood is that it will be, as we both get our PA hours from the same agency. I think having someone whose young will be good…we’ll have a lot of things in common I bet.
Mom and me walked to the store as I needed milk and kitchen towels and mom needed a few things as well. So I’ve gotten my exercise in for the day which I am glad about.
I plan on taking things easy this afternoon. I will just watch TV and read. I dont go to slimming world until 7:30 tonight so I have the whole afternoon free.