3things challenge #283 My computer

Your three things today are:


Finally there is an update on the computer! Last night at 10 PM an update was posted.
It said, arrived at the facility. I’m assuming that means the facility in ireland.
I’m so hoping for a delivery today!
Everyone keep your fingers and toes crossed for me!
I’ve decided, that if it does come, I wont set it up yet. I just want it to get here so I can leave and go to my parents for a few days.
I also need to print a note and put it on my door, as I am expecting dvd’s in the mail. I will ask my neighbour to help me print a note, asking the courier to leave the package in my porch as I wont be there to pick it up and answer the door to him.
when I go to my parents I wont be back home until next sunday, all going well.