How long can I stay upright?

that is what I am asking myself this afternoon. I have been awake since 7:30 last night, so in 2 hours I’ll have been awake and up for 36 hours straight.
How do I do it? The thing is, I’m not even tired! I have energy! How I have energy I just dont know!
I’m back home now, and mom just left about a half hour ago. Me and Nitro are just chilling.
I feel a bit down, actually. I had a long talk to my mom about my dads behaviour. I think my mom has the patience of a saint, how she puts up with him I dont know!
I told her I wasnt coming over to their house next weekend, I’m going to stay home. I need to decompress, and I need my own space, its just too stressful at my parents when my dad is acting selfish and being difficult. I know he’s ill but he cant be taking his moods out on the rest of us, which is what he’s doing.
I told mom if she needs to get out of the house for a bit next weekend she’s welcome to come over to my house, or we could go do something, if she wants to do that.
I’ve a feeling its going to be a rough night, so I am thankful that tomorrows a bank holiday here, it means I can laze around the house, do nothing, and not worry about not doing anything, lol.
Please if you pray, pray my mood doesnt go too low. I’m anxious right now too which isnt helping.