I am in the no sleep club yet again

I really am fed up with not being able to sleep. I thought because I was at my parents I’d get better quality sleep, I did on Friday night but I think that was only because I was literally exhausted.
Last night was a bust. I didnt end up going to sleep until after 5 AM. I slept until 7 AM, when I woke up starving, so my mom was up, so I was able to go out and have a bowl of cerial, before I went back to bed.
Its sunday morning, I wouldnt have been doing anything anyway, so why not go back to bed. That was my thinking.
I did sleep when I went back to bed, I only woke up at 10:30. So I suppose you could say from 5 AM onwards I got some good sleep. But I want to be able to sleep at normal hours, be able to go to bed, and go to sleep and stay asleep for 7 to 8 hours straight.
That unfortunately is not happening, and I doubt it will any time soon.
My CPn Sarah said last friday that she doesnt know how I function on 5 hours when I can get that, usually its a lot less. I dont know how I do it either if I am honest.