The worry is over!

My pain has gone. Thank god! I was so scared! I got such an awful fright. I really thought something terrible was happening to me. I never experienced such severe pain upon breathing in and around my back area. I think what one blogger said might have actually happened, I may have popped a rib. That makes the most sense. Although I dont know how I did that. I really wasnt doing any strenuous stuff here tonight. I was just on my laptop and typing but maybe I sat in an awkward position or maybe I did pull a muscle or something somehow. I took pain meds, that seemed to help some. I layed down and relaxed for a while, until the pain subsided. My next door neighbour Catherine called me, and we talked for about an hour, so that distracted me, I didnt tell her I was in pain as I didnt want to worry her. I also talked to mom, she’s the one who told me to lie down and relax. My neighbour had extra meds, over the counter pain meds, so she gave me an extra strip of 12. I only had 4 tablets left out of a 12 pack, because I had to take 2 this morning for a headache, and mom took 2 yesterday, and I had taken some last week. Now I have another whole strip along with my 4 so thats good. I am hoping I wont need them any more tonight. I still have a little bit of niggling pain but its nothing like what it was. And I can breathe without it hurting so thats good. I sware I never want to get a fright like that again! Especially while I am alone in the house!