The abscess finally burst!

Trigger warning, talk of my abscess description of how it burst. General ickiness and grossness! Fair warning!

Well, after taking the painkillers, I lay down, but I couldnt get comfy, I decided to get up and go sit on my recliner, even though it hurt to do that, putting pressure on the area where the abscess is was not a good idea.
After a while I went to the bathroom and I noticed the abscess had burst, I did wonder why the pain in that area was less severe, I just thought it was the meds I took working on it.
I cleaned up as best I could. I’m a little bit worried now because where the abscess was now there is a hole in my skin, its still leaking stuff which is gross.
I put more antiseptic cream on it and dried the area and I hope it isnt going to get infected.
So glad it has burst, though!
Pain levels have gone down now, although there is still some swelling around the general area where the abscess was.