Yesterday I found out that my old PA amanda isnt coming back to work! I dont know why. I dont know what happened. And I dont think I will ever know.
My current PA Frances was made permanent! I am so glad! I like her, we get along, she’s very nice.
We have a great working relationship!
If Amanda had come back, I wasnt going to continue to work with her, I’d already asked for that to happen!
It feels nice to have the security of a permanent PA again!
I’ve had to change PAS a lot over the last number of years! I hope this time I wont have to for a long time!


Well that went well!

The new relief PA was lovely! I am very happy with her! She was very nice!

We got along great. We went to get some groceries, and then we came back to my house and she did some housework for me.

It helped that she told me that she had also been nervous about coming to work with me. So I wasnt alone in my anxiety! She was anxious too!

I think its going to work out fine! I am happy to continue working with her.



Well tomorrow I was meant to go to the gym. But the weathers supposed to be awful. So I doubt I will go.

My PA will be here at 9 AM. I think I’ll have her just do some housework. My house needs a good cleaning.

I was going to opt to get a taxi down to the gym, but well, if I did, I’d be worried we wouldn’t get one home again. If the weather was really bad in the morning, there’s a possibility we may not even be able to get one to take us there either.

I do need to get my money out of the ATM. But I guess that can wait until Saturday morning. Hoping the weather will have picked up by then.

My PA’S boss is coming out to us tomorrow too. She wants to do an evaluation with me, to see how I am liking my service, if I am happy with it, how I am getting along with my new PA etc. I’m not in the least bit worried about that. Everythings going along just fine. I am very happy with how things are going.

So the plan is, get my house spick and span. Have breakfast. And not sure at this point what else we’ll do. Probably just sit and chat. I do hope the four hours will fly by though.

Im also going back volunteering tomorrow. I’m feeling ok mood wise for now at least. I don’t want to miss another day of volunteering asI enjoy it very much. So I will go tomorrow afternoon and do my shift on friendly call as I normally do on Friday afternoons.

Productive morning with my PA

so my pa came this morning. she normally does from 9 AM until 1 PM. I let her go a little early today though. She had to collect one of her kids from school. Normally her mom does it but her mom was away on holidays this week. We had a good productive few hours. We did housework, lots of it. She did vacuming, mopping, dishes, etc. She didnt change my bed this week, I didnt want it done. We had to go to a local shopping mall. I needed to go to the ATM. She took me in her car. Saved us walking there. She really isnt supposed to take me in her car, but she said it would be ok. While we were there we bought some lunch, we bought bread rolls and turkey and cheese and we came back to my house and made them up. Lunch was good. After eating we just chatted. I did have her go back to the store though for coffee as I forgot to buy it while we were there. I cant be without my coffee, and neither can Liz. Liz would kill me if there was no coffee in the house. I have an hour now before I have to leave to go volunteering. I plan on just going on the computer for a while until I have to leave. I’m feeling really good about my new PA. I really like her. I feel like we’re getting on really good. Our relationship is coming along nicely. We are clicking and geling which is nice.

carol anne

My plans to get a new PA

so i think i mentioned im not really liking my new pa. i’ve had her since january. she is ok, i can tolerate her, but some things she does I dont like at all.
She’s very forward. For example, she said the pots I had for cooking were too small. Thats fair enough, I said I’d do something about it, and I would have, but the next week she came and said guess what? I bought you a new pot, a big one.
I was flabbergasted. I mean what if I had no money to pay her? It was 17 euro for the pot. I did have the money but what if I didnt?
I didnt like that she did that. Other things she does are when we’re in a taxi going to slimming world she tells the driver to turn off the heat, open windows, etc, sometimes they dont even have the heat on!
She is also very critical of all of the taxi drivers, its a reputable company, I know them, and they know me well too.
She’s also very loud, and interferes in conversations which have nothing to do with her.
So I want someone else. But those arent the only reasons. I want to go back to having my PA hours by day in the morning times, she comes now on friday evenings, and does a block of four hours, well that doesnt suit me now that I’ve finished at the ILS course. She cant do mornings, as she has a child who goes to school.
I am going to ring up my coordinator next week and ask for a new pa. I will just tell her my reasons. Oh there is another one as well, I need someone who offers a driving service, my current PA doesnt. I’m paying 37 euro a week for taxi’s to and from slimming world, I dont really have that kinda money. My last PA could drive me places, and I know some PA’S can and so I want one who does that.
I hope the coordinator will listen to me. I will flag my main reason as being the fact that I need my hours now in the day not in the evening time.


My new PA

so i met my pa this morning. it went wonderfully. she is lovely. very friendly and down to earth. she adored nitro which is the first awesome thing about her. she said him and her were going to be buddies. she was all over him patting him and all it was sooo cute. she starts working with me tomorrow. she’ll work every friday from 5:30 to 9:30 pm. that suits me as i dont get home from my work experience until 5 anyway so i’ll be home on time to let her in. she is going to do housework for me, and take me grocery shopping, help me with food prep etc. we’re not going to do a lot this week though, just get to know one another. it will take time to get a routine established with her. i was so used to my old pa kristen coming in and knowing what to do, but i guess i had to start somewhere with her too, she didnt always know. in time this new pa whose name is nuala will know as well. i’m glad i got to meet her before we started working together. it really makes all the difference when you can meet someone before you start working with them. it helps to be introduced and make introductions. she said if i want to she can also take me for a walk when the weather is good. she doesnt drive so i’ll have to take a taxi to get groceries or meds or other things i need to do that requires transport. buti dont mind. i’ll just budget for it. so overall i am happy and content. i feel i will click with her. i think we’ll get along just fine.
carol anne

Shorter dr. barry apt this week

so we saw dr barry yesterday. of course the first thing we asked her as she brought us down the hallways and in to her office was, did you survive the storm? then we had a long conversation about storm ophelia and she told me she lost power and was still without it and her kids were driving her crazy because they were bored, used to their techy gadgets and she said it was impossible to keep them amused. i asked her if she was working on the day of the storm, i was genuinely worried avbout her having to drive in it. but luckily she’d been off Monday and tuesday. it felt so nice to hear her talk about her life outside of work, her kids, etc. i love it when she gives us glimpses into her life, which she does often. we got on then to talking about us starting the ILS course on monday. she was saying how it was good it hadnt started last monday the day of the storm, otherwise it wouldnt have happened. she asked me if i was still anxious about starting. i said yes i am but i’m also excited. i’m trying to be positive. mom and dad gave me some advice, mostly they told me to think of this as a new chapter in my life and to try to think positively so that is what I am doing. i told her about getting a new pa. she was excited for me. we talked for a while about how change is so hard for us and how there are so many changes right now happening in our life. then she told me she hadnt yet managed to talk to the funders about our upcoming did assessment. she said last week just ran away from her, she’d been on call at the weekend, and so she hadnt had a chance to call her but that she would try her best to do it this week. and that was pretty much the gist of our session. it was a shorter one than usual because I had to rush off to get to the conference for noon. we made another apt for next week, i’ll be seeing her a little later next week because the transportation service at the ILS course will be taking me to my apt.