Today is June 16th!

And its a very muggy day outside! There’s a dead heat out there!
I slept well, woke up twice during the night, but I was able to get back to sleep again thank god!
My PA frances is here at the moment, she’s cleaning the house, vacuming, mopping, doing dishes, washing my bedding, changing the bed, etc.
I’d be lost without her!
She also went to the store for me and she also took Nitro out for a walk. He’s exhausted now. But he’s happy, and he got to release some of his energy so that was good!
My sister is coming over in a little while, she’s bringing me some food she had leftovers of, she made chicken in oyster sauce, with broccoli, carrot and onions in it. I’ll have it for dinner with rice. So a nice healthy meal!
Other than that not much is planned for today! I shall just relax and enjoy the day. I’m currently watching the ellen show, and enjoying it. I wanted to go on the treadmill this morning but something seems to be wrong with it. I’ll get my sister to look at it when she comes over. She can probably sort it out for me.
In other news though, my tv is finally sorted. I can finally access my recordings and watch them back on my phone. It was something that they forgot to add on to my account, which meant I wasnt able to access them, but they’ve fixed it now. So all is good and I’m good to go!