Fandangos #FPQ Diversity in books and movies

Fandango asks us this week…

Does diversity casting in TV shows or movies, where fictional characters who were presumed to be white in the source material are portrayed by non-white actors, concern or bother you? Why do you feel that way?

The simple and short answer for me is, no!

I don’t think its worth complaining about!

I feel any actor, if they are a good actor, will do a good job at portraying whatever character they are portraying.

The fact that they may not be white, and may be portraying a white character doesn’t matter in the grand scheme of things.

As long as they do a good job…right?

That’s what matters in the end.

You can still totally enjoy a show, well I can, even if the actors portraying the white characters are Asian, or black.

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