I lost one of my clients today

I had some sad news today. I was working and making my calls, I had a new list of clients to call this week, so I got to one lady, we’ll call her R. I rang R’s number, and her son answered. He told me R passed away yesterday. She’d been very sick for a long time, and she’d been in hospital for about a year, but he said she came home last Tuesday from the hospital. She died peacefully at home. It was a huge shock. R was so lovely. She loved the chat and would always look forward to our call every day. I felt so sad upon hearing the news. I spoke a little to her son and told him what a character she was. I think he felt better talking to me. I told him I’d tell the supervisor and that she’d be in touch. Its going to be a big loss. I felt so sad all day after hearing this news. It really shook me up. Its part of my job, I mean its happened before that clients have passed away, and it never gets any easier to hear it. I hope R is at peace now. I’ve been thinking about her all afternoon, she’s been in my thoughts and I said a prayer for her family and especially her son who I spoke to today. Its just so so hard to lose one of my clients. It made Monday very hard for me.

Sad news. I lost another client

Yesterday afternoon I went volunteering, as i normally do. My supervisor picked me up. On the way there, she gave me some bad news. Actually it wasnt just bad news, it was quite shocking.
She told me that one of our clients had died. She was 72 years old. She died last Thursday evening, what had happened was, on Friday afternoon I had tried to call her and I didnt get through to her. So I told my supervisor that I didnt manage to get through. My supervisor thought she might be sleeping as she did that sometimes in the afternoon. So we thought no more of it and we said we’d try again on Monday.
On Saturday morning my supervisor was at home and she had to look up a website about funeral arrangements for a family member. She scrolled to the section for cork, and there before her eyes, the clients name appeared. Of course she was immediately in shock. She immediately called the clients next of kin to see what had happened to her.
What happened is quite morbid, but I will tell you anyway. On thursday evening the client fell down the stairs, backwards. She lay there on the floor all night, we arent sure if she was killed upon falling, or if she lay there for a while still alive. On friday morning, a passer by saw some blood coming out from under her door, and they called the police, and when the police went there they found her dead.
Of course we’re all in shock. She’d been a client of friendly call for the past 8 years. My supervisor took it really hard as she’d been visiting her one to one for a while as well as having her be on the phone service. I’m actually also in shock myself about it. The fact of how it happened, it is very disturbing to me.
You just really never know from day to day what is going to happen to you do you? I mean we talked to her on Thursday, she was fine, then this happened to her that night. Its very disturbing. She had a lot of serious mental health issues, and she was very hard work, but despite all that, none of us wanted anything like this to happen to her. Its just awful. So that was what I faced yesterday. I wasnt ok for the entire afternoon after hearing it. It really effected me deeply.
I’m a little bit better today. After a long chat about it to dr. barry I feel much better. I am reminded though of just how precious life really is. And also of how my work can and does really impact me on a deep level. I love my work, but I hate losing clients, and this is the second client who I’ve lost in the space of 2 months.

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The awards ceremony and lunch

So yesterday I went to a lovely awards ceremony and lunch with my colleagues from friendly call. It was called the cork city northside awards and it was organised by a local credit union. There was a lovely atmosphere there. We got presented with a cheque for 5000 euro. Our supervisor said we are going to buy a bus, a mini bus to transport clients to and from hospital appointments with the money we got yesterday. Lunch was really good too. We had a 3 course meal. A starter, main and dessert and tea or coffee. I had a lovely chicken and mushroom volavont, beef for the main and the dessert was a sampler of a couple of different desserts which was absolutely gorgeous. I know I am dieting, but yesterday I decided to just eat what was there, and not worry too much about the diet. And I am so glad I did. I really enjoyed my food. We had photos taken too at the presentation but I dont have copies of them at the moment so cant share any with you all my lovely readers. But overall yesterday was a beautiful day and a wonderful experience and I am so glad and so grateful that I got the opportunity to go to the ceremony and lunch. Thank you friendly call for a wonderful outing.

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Look at this, a fearless elderly man fights off robbers

Ok so over the weekend a book makers near where I live was robbed by 3 armed men. Watch what happens when this fearless 84 year old takes them on. He was so brave! He deserves an award for his bravery! He wasn’t afraid to fight back! He is inspiring!
The raders did not get any money because of him and what he did taking them on!
Watch this let me know what you think!