2 appointments

I have two apts this morning. I am seeing my OT Mark, and I am also seeing Dr. barry.
It will be a busy morning. I have a half hour between the two apts.
Im not sure what I am going to do today with mark. I’ve forgotten what we said we were going to do during this apt.
After I am done with these apts I need to go home and I will have to jump in the shower since I didnt have time to jump in it this morning.
My mom is coming over in the afternoon. And then I will have slimming world tonight.
So a busy day ahead for me!

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OT apt didnt happen

so we were meant to see our OT mark today. However that never happened.

It was because of the stormy weather. Traffic was bad and mark lives outside the city. He got stuck in traffic and he was going to be 40 minutes late for our apt.

So we said we’d leave it for another time. Probably in two weeks when I next see dr. barry we’ll have an apt then. I am ok with leaving it until then. There was no emergency nothing I needed to see him urgently about.

I had texted him to say I’d be late, but then he rang me when he was going to be so late coming in. He was so apologetic, but what can you do? You cant predict the weather.

After we hung up from talking he texted me to thank me. Sweet of him I thought. He said not having an apt today really took the pressure off of him so thats good. I’m happy I could help.

We’ll eventually meet up, and until we do I know if I need anything I can email him or call or text him. Just knowing that is enough and I am happy I can do that.
carol anne

There’s a storm!

There is a bad storm going on here. Lots of wind and rain. Its extremely windy outside. I had to put nitro outside in it, he didn’t like that at all.

I do have to go out in it this morning as I have to go see my OT and I also have to see dr. barry. I don’t like that I have to go out in it but I’ll do it because well these appointments are important.

I couldn’t really sleep last night, the wind was howling and keeping me up. So I am very tired this morning.

I booked my taxi for 8 AM. I have 50 minutes to go before it comes.

Talked to my OT today

So I was meant to see my OT mark tomorrow morning. However we talked today on the phone. He had to cancel the apt tomorrow as he said he is going to be late coming in to work. He wanted us to have some time not just a couple of minutes. So we are canceling for tomorrow and we’ll have our apt next week instead. I’ll be going to the outpatients next week anyway, to see dr. barry. I also have to go up there tomorrow to get my shot. My trevicta shot. So I would have been going up there anyway, but its ok he canceled. I had texted him yesterday and asked him if he wouldn’t mind looking up info on panic alarms, you know, like a pendant I can wear when I am home alone, just in case I fell or had an accident or needed any help in an emergency. I don’t have one and I’d feel much safer at home if I did. I had talked with Eileen around this in session on Monday. Mark said he’d look into it for me and have info for me for next week. I’ll be anxiously waiting to see what he can find out for me. I don’t mind paying for the service if I have to. I have a friend and I think she has a pendant and pays a monthly fee, I’ll have to ask her about it. So now tomorrow all I need to do is go get my shot. I hope that goes smoothly. I hope I don’t have to wait around as I will have a taxi waiting for me.

My OT apt today

So my OT apt this morning was pretty uneventful.
We basically had a bit of a catch up. We didnt set goals like I thought we would be doing. We just ended up talking about symptoms, and symptom management.
I was telling Mark how that I had decided to make my mental health a priority this week, and that I hadnt been into the basement club lately, but that I was going to start going back in again starting from today.
He said how I was really good at knowing what I needed, and he congratulated me on that, saying that 4 or 5 years ago I wouldnt have had the insight to know what I needed and how I would have relied on external people to tell me, where as now I dont do that.
He said it shows how far I’ve come since starting to work with him.
I guess he’s right. I never really looked at that aspect of things though.
We planned to meet again in august, in late august, he said he’d phone me and we can arrange something then. There will be a move in september to a new building for all of the mental health services, so in August we are going to work on route familiarisation if thats possible so that I can familiarise myself with the new set up.
We’ll also work on goal setting for the next few months. Fun times ahead, I guess.

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frum lexi helo everybudy

dis is lexi
how everybudy bes
im gud
im sited to go see dr barry
i mit tok to her taday
ill see if der is tim mabe i can
i love dr. barry
shes so kind to us kids
she has a nise soft sweet voise too
i love to lisen to it
we be also see mark our OT
i no sure of him cuz he is a guy
i kinda fraid of men
i kno not all men ar scary
but i jus get nervos of them
but it ok cuz i don has to tok to him
carol anne or liz will do dat
we be going to the basement club then afer ar apointments
i am sited cuz i will get to see ar frends der
dats fun and will be fun
we going stay ther all day i tink
i hopin tha sun shins today
i like tha sun
k gots to go now gots to go to let carol anne make brekfast
lexi six

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I saw my OT mark as well today

I also saw mark my OT this morning. that went well.
We dont meet often nowadays. It was 3 months since our last apt.
He said he’s really proud of me. He said we dont need to meet as much now, since I am mostly doing stuff on my own initiative. He said I am making his role redundant.
He was joking of course. But it was nice to get the praise.
We talked about me finishing up the ILS course, and about my plans for summer.
I said I’d like to be less busy over the summer months. I want to take some time to just recharge my batteries.
He said he thought this was a really good idea.
I told him I was going to continue volunteering and going to the basement club. He encouraged me to do that.
In the end we decided to meet in a months time to discuss future plans and set some goals.
I told him I was thinking about doing a CE scheme, community employment scheme. But that I’d just gotten my disability payment sorted out and I wasnt sure because it was so much hassle if you decide to come off disability that doing the CE scheme almost didnt seem worth it.
but I said I’d decide nearer the end of summer what I was going to do.
If I dont do it, I will up my volunteer hours, and to be honest, I’m leaning more towards doing that.
It was a great catch up appointment though. Nice to catch up after a few months of not meeting
at all.

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