Why is it so hard?

My PA Frances was trying to get rid of her cable TV.

She rang the company that she’s with to tell them she no longer wanted their service.

Let me be clear, she’s out of contract with them so it shouldn’t have been an issue.

The lady she spoke to on the phone was foreign, and she did not have good English.

She tried to tell Frances that she could not get rid of the cable tv. She said if she did, it would incur a fee.

What? A fee? When she’s out of contract?

I told her not to take any shit from her! So she insisted that she wasn’t going to pay any longer.

She said she’d pay this bill and then after that, she wanted out.

Eventually the lady transferred her to the right department, but then there was another long 20 minute wait to talk to someone.

Why is it so hard to get rid of something you no longer require or want?

She did finally get rid of it in the end, after more discussion with another lady who tried to offer her a new deal and another 12 month contract.

These companies are great when your signing up for their goods, but not so good when your no longer requiring them.

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