student nurse

One of the nurses, amy, a student nurse was very good to me during this hospitalisation. she is a general nurse, just doing her psych placement. i do think all student nurses are awesome, i think its because they are just learning and have more empathy and respond better to patients than lets say a nurse whose been in the job a while or maybe knows some of the patients and their history. amy has been super nice to me and i really appreciate her for that. after lunch today she sat on my bed talking to me. we just talked about dogs and what respite would be like for me. normal every day conversation. she has also helped me in the shower this week twice, so i feel i know her that little bit better and we have gotten a bit closer because helping someone shower is an intimate thing. she told me today about her dog honey, and i told her all about nitro. today is the last day i’ll see her because i go home before she comes in for her next shift. i’m sad to have to say goodbye to her. thanks amy for everything. i know you said you’ll read my blog from time to time so thank you. your kindness touched my heart and made me feel awesome. your acceptance of my did diagnosis meant a lot to me. thank you for everything.
❤ xoxo