I heard from the weekend team!

So I got a call this morning at around 10:30 from the weekend team. A nurse called Melissa phoned me. First she called my mom, because she had the wrong phone number for me, so when she tried it obviously I never answered and she got worried, so she called my mom, as my mom is down as my next of kin.

Anyway, when she called me, and finally got through to me, we had a nice chat. We talked about my anxiety and my low mood, and I told her I’d had very broken sleep last night. She encouraged me to get out today if I could. I told her I may go to see a friend, but I never ended up doing that. I went to my parents house instead.

She also encouraged me not to nap today. She said if I didnt that I’d probably sleep better tonight. So I havent napped. I’m still having a lot of trouble with the anxiety, I feel very anxious and am glad to be at my parents where I feel safer.

She told me that if I needed to I could call them back today as they’d be there until 5 PM today, and after that, if I needed to that I should contact the hospital if I needed to see someone, I wont have to do that though. I’m seeing Dr. Barry on Monday, so I can wait until then. I’m sure I can manage until I see her on Monday and when I do I am planning on discussing everything with her from the last few weeks and I am hopeful she’ll have some advice for me.

Melissa said they’d call me again tomorrow morning to check in with me and see how I am doing. Thats fine with me.

Still very anxious, bad weather, and more

so i’m still very anxious. the anxiety hasnt lessened at all. i took my night meds, in the hopes that would help some, as there is clonadine in there for the anxiety.

it hasnt helped, although i only took them about 30 minutes ago. i did nap earlier which i was glad about. i got about 90 minutes of sleep. the 90 mins i got was pretty decent sleep.

we’re under a weather advisory tonight and tomorrow and i think on tuesday as well. there is talks of us having hail, sleet and snow showers. i’m not sure if we’ll get it or not but they’re saying we could. i do have therapy in the morning but thats all that i have on tomorrow. so if it is pretty bad at least i can stay home.

i just wish i felt good. i really feel awful. im not liking the feelings this anxiety is bringing up in me. hopefully in therapy tomorrow we can address some of it. i’m sure its more than just one thing causing it.

i had another call today from the weekend team. this morning, a nurse called mary who I also knew from the hospital, when she was a nurse on the ward rang me. she was nice, and she talked me through some stuff. it was a good call, and it did help me to feel a little better.

if i need the weekend team again next weekend i can ring the outpatient clinic during the week and ask for a referral to go in so that they can visit me and call me. i wont be going to my parents house next weekend, so if I get referred to them, they’ll probably come out to my house to visit me.

Well I am going to go watch operation transformation on tv now. I like following it. Its a good show and I will enjoy it and have a coffee while I watch it, as I’m going to be up for a while yet I think.

Application for more PA hours

So the public health nurse came out to me yesterday, and she helped me to apply for more PA hours. We went through everything together, and she filled out all of the forms that she needed to fill. She went through all of my history also before filling them out, as she had never met me before. We decided to use my did as the primary disability, since I struggle more with that, and my other mental illnesses, than I do with my blindness. Of course, we did also include my blindness, and we also put down my other health issues, like epilepsy, diabetes and asthma.

We talked about what I wanted to use the extra hours for if I get them, and I told her I’d use them for doing housework, socialising and going to appointments, etc. So she decided to ask for 3 extra hours for me per week. I already get 7 hours so 3 extra would be great and if I got those I’d be very happy.

So we’ll see what happens. She was going back to the office to speak to her manager, and see what she would say. It will be up to her whether the forms need to go in or whether they can just call the agency who delivers my pa services, and talk to them directly without actually putting in the application at all.

She said they’d be in touch with me once they know more. I hope thats soon. I have a feeling I’ll be waiting a while, though.

Maintained, and did a workout!

so i maintained at weigh in. i was disappointed about it, but you cant lose all of the time. at least I’m making healthier choices, as someone commented to me!

I came home from slimming world, ate a bowl of homemade vegetable soup and then I did a 20 minute work out on the treadmill. And now I am feeling great!

I am now waiting for my public health nurse to call. She phoned me, and said she’s on her way. She’s going to help me apply for the extra PA hours. I hope the appointment goes well. I’ll keep you all posted.

Fingers crossed I need some good juju so send some my way!

Extra help

So I rang my public health nurse today. I left a message on her phone asking her to call me back. I need to speak to her urgently about getting some extra help around my house. My mom was helping me outa lot, but now,she’s just not able to do what she used to do so I need the extra support.

I’ll have a fight on my hands, I know that. Its not easy to get extra help. The services that help disabled people are already stretched to the limit. But I wouldn’t be asking if I didn’t need it badly. The fact is, I do need it urgently.

I’m hoping she’ll ring me tomorrow morning. I’m sure she’ll need to come out and do an assessment of my needs. That will probably be the first step.

Its so hard to get help nowadays. It shouldn’t be, but there you go. It is what it is. As it is, I have 7 hours a week of PA service, I used to only have six hours, I fought for an extra hour, but that took months to get.

I just hope this isn’t going to take months. I need the help now, not months down the line.

Check in with our CPN Sarah!

Yesterday afternoon, our CPN Sarah called. Dr. Barry had made a referral, and asked her to call us over christmas, to check in with us and see how we’re doing. She called yesterday at around 1 O’clock. I wasnt sure when she’d be calling. I missed her first call, as I was at the grocery store with mom, but luckily she called back. I knew it was her when I saw the missed call, as it was a call from a blocked number, and her number is private. At first I thought she wasnt going to phone back, and that maybe she’d wait for another day to call. But she did, and we had a long chat which was really good.

We talked about christmas and how we’d gotten through it. She asked me where I was, and I told her I was at my parents house, and that I was going to be there until the new year. We talked about my sleep, and I told her its still really hit and miss. I’ve been sleeping some, but that I’m taking sleep where I can get it. The night before last, I only slept for 2.5 hours. She asked me if I find the days very long when I am only sleeping for that length of time. I said that I did.

We talked about my weight loss and she congradulated me on that. She said I have great determination lol not sure if thats true, as I ate dessert again yesterday. I’m not so sure I’ll be down at weigh in this monday but we’ll see. She said she doesnt know of anyone who loses weight over christmas like I did. I told her I am going to get serious about exercising in january.

She asked me before she hung up if I needed another call before the sixth, the sixth is when I see dr. barry. I said no, that I thought I’d be ok. I have Eileen, and if I need a check in I can text her. I know Sarah would have called me too if I needed her to. I am thankful for Dr. Barry putting the referral in, because it was good to have as much support at christmas as possible.

I like Sarah, she’s really easy to talk to. When we were talking about exercising more, she told me that in order for her to exercise, she has to pay to go to classes, or otherwise she just wont do it. Her telling me that about herself, made me feel not so bad, that I didnt have any motivation to exercise much this past year. I didnt feel so alone, knowing that even my CPN wont exercise given half a chance.

Her telling me some stuff like that about herself, made me feel somehow closer to her, and I like that I was able to connect with her in that way. It was so nice to feel that connection to her in that way.

So I am glad we had a check in. It made my day much brighter. It helped me to stay grounded, and to get through the post christmas blues a little easier.

Results of my bllod tests!

I called my GP’s surgery for my results of my blood tests this afternoon. I didnt get very far.
The nurse gave me a few of the results, but she said I needed to come in for a diabetic review.
I will be going in on December 9th!
She did tell me that my sugars are up a little and my cholesterol is a little high.
Thats all she told me though.
I really dont know how this is possible since I am losing weight. I know the A1C is for the last 3 months.
Its a bit frustrating. My mom said she’d take me in there on the 9th.
Until then, its a waiting game!