My mommys ignoring me!

Hiya guys! Woof, woof!
Its me Nitro, how are you all doing!
You will never believe this, my mommys ignoring me!
I’ve been sitting here trying to get her attention for the last 10 minutes. She’s busy watching tv and ignoring me and I am not impressed! She’s watching the rose of tralee, which is a kinda beauty contest. I dont know what to do! I’ve started panting in hopes she’ll finally hear me. I also started nudging her!
She patted me and said hey buddy, but then went right back to her coffee and the tv!
This is no good! I want to go out!
I need to pee! If she doesnt let me outside soon I might have an accident on her rug and then I’d be in sooo much trouble! But how can I be in trouble? It wouldnt be my fault if I had an accident! I did try to get her to let me out!
Guess what else? I have to go to that nasty vets tomorrow. I dont want to go! I should stomp my paws and say nooo! Not going!
See how mom likes that!
I will protest! No treats, no vets!
Oh yaaaaay! She’s finally getting up. I am hoping she’s going to take me out now! So I’d better sign off. Good night, woofs and tail waggles!
love, nitro!


A dog tale!

dear sweet nitro
stubborn you are
sitting on the rug
refusing to go out for me
what will I do with you
But I do have to say
You are soo cute
The way you refuse to come when I call you
Its funny
The way you plant your bum on that rug
And sit there steadfast
Looking at me
with those big puppy dog eyes
As if to say
Dont put me out in the rain
I love my nice warm house to much to go out there in that cold!
Please, I just want to go to bed!
In your bed, mommy!
Oh how I love that dog!


Cutie nitros making me laugh again!

My dog is incredible! I mean it guys, he’s always making me laugh! He’s done it again now! Just what I needed, a good laugh!
Last week, I was outside in my front garden, talking to my next door neighbour, and I brought him out with me. He sniffed around for a while, and then unbeknowns to me, he did a huge pooh! I mean this was no ordinary sized one! No it was humungus!
I was like, I am not going to clean that!
So mom did it for me!
Tonight, I let him follow me out while I threw something in the bin, and what do you know, he pooped again! Another huge one!
I had to laugh! Is he trying to tell me something?
Last week, my PA saw what he’d done and said, he is building a house! He should have been an architect! 😀
She thought he was hilarious and so do I!
I mean tonight, I had just let him out five mins beforehand, in the back yard to go! But he had to wait until I let him out in the front garden to go! Now anyone walking in to my house can see his monster sized pooh!
But he’s cheered me up! Thanks, cute boy!


He just wants treats!

Nitro is hilarious! I love him! He makes me laugh so hard, which I need to be doing right now!

I bought him some treats the other day. I bought him some chews, and some bones, and some chicken strips and beef strips.

I made the mistake of giving them to him after he goes out to do his business, so now, every time he goes out, he runs in and goes to where the treats are and stands there begging me for one! 😀

Its so funny! Of course I cant resist!

He’ll be fat in no time if I keep going and keep allowing him to have so many treats!

but how can I resist that cute face?

He’s happy and content, and so am I!
Love you nitro doodle bug!

Woofs and a good morning to everyone!

Woof woof! Good morning! Its me, Nitro!
I had a great night. Mom let me sleep on her bed, she always lets me cuddle and snuggle with her, I love it. I love hogging the bed! Sometimes I like to sleep on the end of it, like with my head towards the bottom, but usually when I do that, mom calls me and makes me come up to the top and put my head on her pillow! Then she pats me and rubs my nose! Its so nice!
I woke up at 5 AM and I was hungry and needed to go out, so I nudged and licked mom until she woke up! She didnt mind though. She said I could wait a little longer, so I had to be good and settle down until 6 AM when she finally got up and let me out and gave me food! And of course she made a coffee! I dont know how she can drink that stuff! I prefer a nice bowl of cool water!
Has anyone got any plans today? I dont! I think I’m going to nana and grandads house, yay! I love it there. And right now there are three other dogs there! There are two pugs there and a bullstaff! The bull staff is old though he’s 13! He doesnt really plan with me well occasionally he will play, he and I get along though, we’re buddies.
The pugs are little rats! hahaha! They’re so annoying!
They belong to moms sister! She’s on holiday right now though so nana and grandad are looking after them!
One of them is a barker! I think she’s pretty loud! I rarely bark and its just how mom likes it! She says I forget that I can bark!
Anyway I’d better go cuz mom wants to go get another coffee! I hope all of my friends on here have a fantastic day!
Tail waggles and woofs to you!
Nitro glycerine!


from one very hot pup!

hi you guys! 😀
its me, nitro! and you know what? i’m boiling! i cant get enough water! i’m just so hot! i’m drinking tons and tons of cold cold water! 😀 my mom says she’s never seen me drink so much water! but whats a dog to do in this heat? its so unbearable! my coat is fluffy and thick and i get so hot! i need to lie on the cool ground just to cool down. of course i have a blanket but its far too hot to lie on that. so instead i’m laying on the cool floor by moms bed. mom wants me close to her. i was sitting in the living room with nana and grandad. they’re watching tv. its very boring though. i was sooo bored! 😀 i had enough of that so sloped off to mommy in the bedroom. she was so pleased and she gave me lots of pats and cuddles! im looking forward to tomorrow, grandad said he’d take me for a walk! i cant wait! I’m very thrilled at the idea of going out walking! he always takes me for walks. if it isnt too hot he’ll take me, but even if its going to be hot he’ll probably still take me, he takes me out early in the morning before the sun gets to be too hot. i wonder if i’ll be able to sleep tonight in this heat? 😀 who knows, maybe I’ll keep mom awake! She wont be thrilled if I do that 🙂
well wags and licks to ou all my blog friends!


there’s a storm brewing

I can feel it. A storm is brewing.

My anxietys still very high. It goes up and down throughout the day. Its just so annoying. I wish it would level off.

Thank god I have therapy tomorrow. I need it. It feels like an eternity since I had a session. Really its only been 10 days though.

Thank god also for nitro. He keeps me sane. I love him so much.

He’s a spoilt brat but I wouldnt have it any other way.