What day is it anyway? Friday April 3rd

My day so far at 7 PM!
I had a quiet afternoon. I had a nap, which I enjoyed. I got tired at around 4 Pm. So after dinner I rested.
I rang the travel agent about getting my money back since my trip to colorado is postponed! They told me that united airlines are dragging their feet and are trying to go as long as they can go without having to pay out the money to people, and they are trying to give out vouchers instead! I am not willing to take a voucher though. I want my money as I am not sure when I’ll be going now. The girl I spoke to said she’d check into it for me and either call or email me in a couple of days.
Other than that, not much to report. I have the radio on and am enjoying listening to the music. Nitro is happy and content. He’s snoring loudly as I write this.

Virus-free. www.avg.com

short walk

I got out this morning for a short walk with Nitro. My P/a went wth me. It was so nice to get out into the fresh air and breathe it in. I thoroughly enjoyed the 20 minutes I was out. Nitro did too. He was exhausted when we got home. I noticed he’s slowing down a lot now. He doesnt pull on his lead nowadays. He just walks calmly beside me. There were a few people walking dogs but not many people were out. I am glad I got out. I feel refreshed now and nitro is gone into his bed, he’s fast asleep now.

A Sleepy morning

Well, I went to bed late last night, was so tired. I think it was 11 when I finally quit being on my phone and turned over to go to sleep.

I woke again at about 3 AM. I did get up then, but I only stayed up for about 40 minutes. Tiredness overtook me and I went back to bed, and surprise surprise, I actually slept.

Didnt wake again until 8:40! I couldn’t believe it! We all slept in late as my parents only got up at 9 AM! That’s very unusual for them, normally they are always up by 8 AM.

Now I’m sipping tea, and snuggling with Nitro, he’s being so cute, coming over to the bed where I’m sitting with my laptop, and burying his head in my arm. What a cute boy he is!

❤ ❤

Prayers needed, I found a small lump on Nitro

I am so worried. I was petting Nitro and I found a small lump on him. On his right side, near his shoulder, On the side of his body, its small and round and its moving, it doesnt seem to be hurting him, he seems fine, he’s not yelping or he doesnt seem to be in pain with it. I was just stroking him and I found it. Of course the minute I found it my mind went into overdrive. I was thinking all sorts. I’m going to take him to the vets first thing on Monday morning. I’ll cancel therapy to go with him.
I hope its nothing serious. My friend said it could be a fatty lump. I hope thats all it is. If its anything else I’m going to be so upset. My baby, my boy, he’s 9 now, almost 9.5 so he’s getting older and of course with age he’s going to get illnesses.
Please pray guys. Pray for me that its only something small and not serious.
I cant lose him, I just cant lose him.

I’m raging

I am so mad right now! I’m absolutely fuming.

I was going home from my parents to my own house. My mom and aunt were both coming with me. So I rang my usual taxi base, and I asked them to send me out a minivan, since I had the dog, a load of bags, and there was the 3 of us as well.

First off, I had a 20 minute wait, which I wasn’t too fussed about, since we were getting a minivan, and I know there aren’t too many of those on the road on a sunday.

Eventually the minivan came. The driver was so rude. He wanted me to put Nitro in the boot of the van, on his own. I told him I didn’t think that was appropriate, that guide dogs aren’t meant to go in the boot, they are meant to either sit in the front with their owner, or else sit in the back on the back seat.

He was like, well, there is no room, I suppose he can sit in the back. But by then Nitro was very nerous and frightened, since he’d been trying to get him into the boot and Nitro was refusing to do what he said.

So I said fuck it, and I told him I’d leave it, that I wouldn’t be taking the taxi after all. By this time, I was close to tears. So then, I went back indoors to moms house and I rang the base, and I complained. The girl was not impressed with the way the driver treated us. She offered to get me another taxi, but I said it was fine, as I’d already called a different company.

So I did eventually get home, and I’m not the better of it. Taxi’s have gone so bad lately, all moaning and complaining about having to take the dog, they either complain about his size, or the hair, or something else. Its actually against the law for them not to take him, so they don’t actually ever refuse directly, but they do make it known that they aren’t happy about him being in their cars.

It really gets to me. I am really upset now because of what happened.

My dog is now a senior

Nitro is 9 years old now. Oh my god! 9! How did he get here?

I rang his vet this morning. I wanted to check when his next check up is due.

She told me to bring him in in april. He gets a check up every six months. She said if I am worried about him to bring him in sooner.

She asked me if he’s losing weight, I said, no, quite the opposite. I think he’s gained some weight.

I’m not actually worried about him at all. He does have a little lump on his ear, its like a wart, but the last time he was at the vets I got her to check it. She said it was nothing and if he was ever under anastetic she’d remove it then.

He’s in good health. I think he’s getting a touch of artheritis though poor guy. He can still run around though, and he can still jump on the bed, so I don’t think its that bad.

I hope he is going to live for at least another 5 years. All going well, he should. I just cannot imagine my life without him in it and I hope I don’t have too for a very long time.

Just so sad

hhihihii its Emily
im just so sad
my heart hurts
ive been crying a lot
I cant stop
I feel numb
and theres a heavy weight too
weighing me down
I cant wait to go to therapy
I don’t like when I feel this way
life feels unmanageable
unbearable even
night time sucks
I hate it
I think i’ll go pet nitro
he makes me happy
hes such a cute dog
love him to bits
butterfly hugs
Emily age 12