Bad dream!

I just woke up from a nightmare. I’m literally terrified.

I was afraid to get up. I did eventually manage it. But oh man. the fear. Its awful!

In the dream, I was being chased. By someone who was going to kill me. They were just about to catch me when I woke up.

I’m so glad I woke up!

I hate dreams like that! So so scary!

I’m gonna be up for the rest of the night now I think. Its only 2:09 AM. I think Nitro needs to go outside, more reasons to be scared, I’m afraid to let him out but if I have to I will.

I think when I come in I’ll make a cup of tea. The littles are very spooked, and are wanting to reach out to Eileen so I think I’ll let them email her.

Night time thoughts

Stillness, silence
night is upon us
fearful, as I try
to settle down in bed
Once again, and suddenly, my thoughts start racing
and I realise
My mind doesnt want me to sleep
Nor does it want to slow down
Fear grips me
as thoughts of what awaits me when I try to sleep
Come flooding in
Let the nightmares begin?


Not sleeping, again!

I am getting No sleep again tonight. Well I got 2 hours. I didnt even read before bed. I was too shattered. I went in to bed at 10:30. I only slept until 12:30 though.

Woke up with a nightmare. Woke up shaking.

Came out to the living room and went on my computer. Made some tea. I am feeling so anxious. Wondering why I feel so anxious. Maybe it was the dream. It was very vivid.

At least I dont have anything to do tomorrow. I’ll be at home all day. I have no plans. Unless I go to my friends in the afternoon. And I may just go. We’ll see.


I wake from a bad dream…

Woke up from

a bad dream

tears flow

eyes wide shut

not wanting to see

the devastation

the chaos

that bad dreams brings

wanting the nightmare to just end

right now

so I open my ears

listen to the morning birds

chirp, chirp

they take my fears away

as i dream of pretty colors

flapping wings

and bird song

welcome to a new day

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Sorta slept

Well its 4:40 AM. I sorta slept. I slept for about 3 hours. Now I am up again. I woke about 40 minutes ago. I got up and made a cup of tea. I actually feel kinda bad. I had a very bad dream. It jolted me awake. I hate them. I was shaking and it was quite disturbing.
What do you do when you have bad dreams?