Messed up sleep schedule

I really need to quit napping by day. I dont get a lot of sleep, so I’ve been sleeping when I can. I know this is bad though. I know I should only nap for an hour or two max, if I do nap. I should set an alarm or something to wake me up and then just get up and stay awake until a decent hour. I napped earlier this afternoon, and now its 2 AM and I am wide awake. I woke up at about 1 AM. I did go to bed early, at around 9:30. But I couldnt settle, even though I was super tired. Has anyone got any tips, on what you do? Do you have a decent sleep schedule? Or do you sleep at funny hours? I cant be the only one who does can I? I doubt I’m going to go back to sleep now. I will probably stay up and read. Its a vicious circle though as I am busy this morning with slimming world, then I work on friendly call in the afternoon, so by 5 PM I’ll be done in. All I will want to do then is rest. I’ll try to stay up until 10 pm or so though I think. I have to get my sleep schedule back on track. I just have to. I know it isnt good to be asleep during the day and awake at night. And they also say weight gain is atributed to getting little sleep. If I want to lose weight I need to look after my body. I’m just so tired of fighting this sleep thing. Its just getting me down a lot. Sometimes I’ll sleep for 12 hours, its rare, but it does happen, especially when I am at my parents house. I love when I can do that. I feel so refreshed the next day when I get a good number of hours of sleep the previous night.

Need some support

Is anyone around? Could use a little support. Feeling on edge. Feel a little desperate. WAnt to reach out to someone, preferably my therapist, but cant. Its far too late. Its past midnight. Why are nights always so fucking hard? I hate night time. Its our worst time. All of our insecurities surface. We get anxious and overwhelmed easily. Like right now we’re super anxious and starting to feel really emotional. I feel like I might burst into tears at any minute. God this sucks. If anyones around could use a friend.

Wound up like a top!

I am unable to sleep tonight. I am wound up! I am also very emotional! I feel very agitated! I am overthinking everything! My mind is whirling and my thoughts are racing! I just feel like I am going crazy! Everyone inside is all stirred up! We’re not ok! I wish we were able to sleep! We’ve got a busy day ahead tomorrow. Having no sleep will make us grumpy and we’ll be snapping at everyone! It will be hell! I am so anxious and the anxiety is making me crazy! I think I will read to try to take my mind off of it. I cant even make a cup of tea because I am fasting for the bloods tomorrow morning. Ug sigh this just sucks!

My Saturday!

Hi guys!
How are you all doing on this fine saturday?
I am doing great! I’ve been watching tv with my parents, and now I’m retiring to my room for the rest of the night!

On my way to my bedroom I made a little detour via the kitchen to make a coffee! I needed it! I feel so tired! not tired as in I need sleep and I need it now, but just tired as in, sluggish!

I never did any of my assignment for college today! Ah well! There’s always tomorrow, or Monday! I’m not stressing about it! Life is too short for stress!

I had a nice relaxed saturday, just how I like it!

Now its time to go read my book for a while! Nitro is fast asleep! He’s dreaming and making cute doggy noises!I love when he does that!