I am so wiped out

I feel so wiped guys. So, so exhausted.
I woke twice during the night, after going to bed at around 10:30. I woke at 1:45, got up but only lasted for 30 minutes, I just couldnt keep my eyes opened. I had something to drink and then went right back to bed. Fell into a deep sleep, but the damn phone woke me up, I forgot to silence it.
I was having weird dreams, not scary or bad, but just kinda weird. I cant even remember them now though.
I woke again at 4 AM but I thought no I’m not getting up. Nitro had been on the bed with me and he had jumped off, I think thats what woke me up. I turned over and decided to try to go back to sleep, and I did, until 6 AM!
I finally decided to wake up, and get in the shower. I feel a little better now although if I am honest I could’ve slept longer. I dont know why I am so wiped out. I think its down to not getting much sleep lately, I think it has all finally caught up with me.
I dont have much on the agenda today, my PA gets here at 9, and she’ll be here until 11:30. After that I dont really have anything else on. I am not working this week. Not having a lot to do means I am bored, means I am restless, means I am sleeping more by day when I really dont want to do that as it messes up my sleep by night.
I am determined to try to catch up on blogs today and on reading a few more chapters of my book.

Freaked out!

I managed to scare myself stupid!
its 3:55 AM and I let Nitro out and I was so freaked out!
I hate standing out in the yard!
I get so damn scared while I wait for Nitro to do his thing!
Its so eary out there!
Tonight its very windy as well!
I hurried nitro along, couldnt wait for him to come back inside!
He’s safely indoors now and so am I!

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I’m surviving on only 4 hours of sleep

Its 4:45 AM. Been awake since around 3:30. Couldnt go back to sleep. I only went to bed after 11 PM so I havent gotten a lot of sleep. I had to get up though as I cant lie there and not be sleeping. If I do then my thoughts race and thats not good. So I got up.
I made myself a coffee and I am going to read for a while. Think I’ll catch up on blog posts from yesterday.
Won’t be too long now and I’ll be letting Nitro out. I hope the weather is going to be nice today.
My PA Frances is going to get here around 9 AM. I am planning on walking nitro for an hour and doing some housework. She’s here with me for 2 hours.
Then when she leaves I will work a shift on friendly call.
My interview I did last week for the NCBI is going live this morning on facebook. On their facebook page.
Will be interested to see how many likes and views it gets!
Anyway, hope your all having a good evening night or early morning whatever time it is where you are!