To be normal, what is that?

A long night
Filled with horrific dreams
Terror knows no bounds
A long night
Filled with pain
The awful pain
Of horrific night terrors
A long night
Where sleep doesn’t come
And being awake
Fearful, crying
Feels horrendous
A long night
Long, long night
Where all I want
Is some normality?
Whats that?
I guess I wont ever know

College starts back today

I am going back to college this morning. I thought I’d have an early night last night, so that I’d be well rested and ready to face the day. Unfortunately that didnt work out to well for me. My next door neighbour decided that he was going to use a drill at 9:30 pm last night, and it went on for a while. Then he decided to run the vacume cleaner after the drill. To say I was pissed was an understatement. I eventually fell asleep but it was fitful sleep. I woke again at 1 AM and I’ve been up since. Its gone 2 AM now. Getting back to college, I am excited to go back. The first day back is always exciting, but it will also be kinda hard. I bet we’ll get our first assignment brief. I hope the lecturers explain what we have to do in a decent way. Our coordinator did give us one document about a week ago that had some information on the next assignment, so I know a little about it already. Its a pretty big one. I think part of it is that we have to visit an organisation related to mental health, and interview someone there and then create a poster presentation on the organisation and our findings. We also have to do an 800 word learner log. Not sure if there is more to it than that, but thats what I was able to find out about it so far. I’ll probably stay up now, class starts at 9:30. I need to book a taxi to get me there. I am leaving Nitro at home, he doesnt go with me to college. He gets too stressed out by the heat of the room. At least I was able to get a few hours of sleep, I suppose its better than nothing. I’ll probably be exhausted by the time mid afternoon rolls around, but I see dr. barry at 3:20 PM today so I cant nap in the afternoon even if I am tired.


Sleeping the entire day away!

I slept the whole day away! I feel kinda bad about it. I mean I had no intentions of doing that, it sorta just happened!
I was on the couch last night reading, and I fell asleep, that was around midnight, I woke up at 1 AM, and decided I’d go into bed, the couch is not all that comfy, and I only had one blanket over me while I was on there!
So I went to bed, and slept great! I woke at 7 AM, to nitro whimpering, so I got up, let him out and fed him!
Then I decided that I needed some more sleep so I went right back to bed!
I only woke again when mom called and it was 11 AM by then! I decided to eat something and then I was going to read, which I did for a while but again I fell asleep while reading!
I’m gladI got such a good night and day of sleep!
I feel great now! Sometimes you just need to do that to reset and it works a treat for me! I do it sometimes after a few nights of little to no sleep at all!


Is it onle me?

Or when you turn on the tv at 2 AM do you see nothing but infomercials?
I turned on my tv just now hoping to find something to watch, and to also drown out the noise of the rain, but what is there to watch? Sweet fuck all that’s what!
Infomercials selling hair removal products, matresses, etc. Oh. My. Gawd.
Why? Is anyone watching at 2 AM really gonna buy that shit?
I mean c’mon!
I just want to watch a show not see this crap!
I think its time to switch over to net flicks?

Fowc with fandango: creepy night last night

My dreams last night were so creepy. I hate when that happens. I woke a few times, sweating. And very scared. The thing is, now this morning, I cant actually remember the dreams. I just know they scared me, and I remember waking, and feeling very frightened, and listening for any sounds, and hearing Nitro and thinking someone was in my house, and then realising it was just the dog moving around.
Is it just me, or do others who live alone have trouble at night, and feel scared? I seem to have a lot of trouble by night with that. Where I live, it is really quiet. You wouldnt hear much noise outside, but still I get so scared. I think I probably watch too many crime shows on tv, before bed. I am happy though that I did sleep last night. I actually went to bed around midnight, I made a point of turning things off, and going to bed.
And I am glad I did. I fell asleep pretty quickly, and even though I woke a few times, I managed to get back to sleep, and stay asleep until a reasonable hour this morning, it was 8 AM when I finally got up.
In response to fowc with fandango where the word was creepy