We’re having bad windy weather tonight. Its beginning to get really bad now. Whipping up a storm!

I am glad to be inside. I am glad me and Nitro are both safe indoors. Its almost midnight, but I cant settle down. I cant seem to get my brain to shut off.

I made a mug of hot chocolate, I’m going to go read my book soon. Wind down for the night I hope.

I just hope the wind doesnt keep me up all night! Its supposed to rain during the night too. I’m a little bummed about that. I was going to walk to the gym tomorrow morning and also walk to the ATM to get my money for the week, but it looks like that wont be happening now.


Got a little sleep

So It ended up that I got a little sleep last night. A few hours. Its 7 AM now. I’m just waking up.

Still feel nervous. But I’m going to suck it up and just deal.

If I stay busy for the morning I wont have much time to think about traveling.

My sister is picking mom and me up later and dropping us off at the airport.

Mom just got up, I just heard her get up. So I think I’ll go talk to her for a while. Have some breakfast. A funny thing happened during the night.

I was hungry so went out to the kitchen to get an apple. I brought it back into bed with me. Then I forgot to eat it! I fell back to sleep instead! Lol!

Anyway, catch yall later!



I don’t see myself being able to sleep tonight. I feel wired. I am tired, but I doubt I’ll fall asleep. I think I’ll probably just stay up reading. I will probably be sorry I did that though. I should try to go to bed at a decent hour, as we’re traveling tomorrow, but well, when did I ever do that? Never! I’ll be ok, I’m sure I can go to bed early tomorrow night when we’re in England. I don’t have to stay up until everyone else goes to bed. Right now I am nervous about traveling. I am nervous about the flight, I hate flying. I am not the best traveler. My anxiety is very high. I’m sure I’ll be fine. I need to remember to buy some sweets for the plane, in case my ears start popping while we’re up in the air. I hate when that happens. Hoping to get a little sleep, even if its an hour or two only.

#JusJoJan prompt january 28th 2019

Your prompt word for January 28th for JusJoJan is testify!

Getting enough sleep is so important. I can definitely testify to that! I only got 3 hours tonight. I went to bed around 9 PM. I quickly fell into a deep sleep. That was of course after Nitro decided to hop off the bed, after I’d let him up for some snuggle time. He got too hot and so he jumped off. I quickly settled in to go to sleep, decided that tonight would be the night I got a decent rest! It wasnt to be though! I woke at midnight, then I was wide awake, and there was no going back to sleep. So up I got. And now I am being a night owl, listening to the radio and reading blogs, well, I suppose thats good, I am catching up on posts from the last couple of days, mine build up so quicly!
Do you sleep well? How much sleep do you average a night?

very Early

Its very early. not even 5 AM. I woke up, I heard a dog outside, he kept barking, I couldnt get back to sleep. So I got up, ate, and am now just sitting here trying to do email and blog. I am kinda feeling off though. A little anxious. And just blah. But I am trying, I get points for trying right?


3 things challenge, 14th Jan 2019

Todays prompts: automaton, magical, twilight


In the twilight hour
I sit
Thinking and pondering
What is life all about?
How do I make it count
All of a sudden
I am overtaken
By magical thinking
And I sit
Wonder, is this real?
I wonder, how I should feel?
As the hours tick by
Slowly I try
To reflect on my life
But that magical thinking
Clouds my vision
Makes me feel
So surreal
So eventually I quit
Lie down
And try to sleep
And dream, hopefully


Unable to sleep

Another night where I am unable to sleep. Sigh.

I fear I’ll never get my sleeping pattern back to normal. I spend most nights lately wide awake, I am awake until I crash hard, and eventually fall into a fitful sleep.

I wish I didn’t suffer from insomnia, its the pits.

Anyone else suffering from lack of sleep or unable to get to sleep?

We should start a club! 😀