Unable to sleep 1 AM

1 AM
cant settle
sleep wont come
oh how I wish it would
I’m beginning to think
Naps are not good for me
I should get up in the morning
And stay up all day
No matter how tired I am
then when its night time
I’ll be able to settle in
and sleep
Now who knows
when my eyes will finally close
Maybe just maybe
that will happen for me
within the hour.

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12 steps to a relaxing night!

Tammy gave us a great writing prompt! It was, write the 12 steps of something! So here goes!
The 12 steps to relaxing!

Put on your PJ’S.
Make a mug of hot chocolate.
Sit and slowly drink it while you read.
After you finish a couple chapters of your book, go take a hot shower and brush your teeth.
Come back to your bedroom. Meditate for a while.
Cuddle with your dog or whatever pet you have.
Moisturise your skin, and take care of it.
Start winding down for the night.
Get into bed, and snuggle down.
Turn off the lights, relax.
Make a plan for tomorrow.
And as you drift off to sleep, be thankful for life, and for today.


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I am feeling very alone tonight. Its 1:30 AM. I cant sleep. I am alone here in the house as I live on my own. I wish someone was here to talk to. I feel lonely and overwhelmed and so very alone.
I have the radio on for company. I was cold so I put on my heating. I made a coffee as I am not going to sleep. I tried reading, it didnt help. I tried settling down after reading, I couldnt. I just feel wired.
This sucks. If anyone is around, send me a hug or some support please.
I could really use it.

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The shower heals me

I love the shower. It is so healing to me. I just had a nice long hot shower, and now I feel so fresh, clean, and I am feeling more able to cope with things.
Do you like the shower? I love letting the warm water flow over me. It just feels so good, so, so healing. I love thinking about all of my worries being washed away. Eileen told me to have my shower before bed, so that is what I did tonight. I am planning on laying down in a little while and trying to rest, maybe read, but resting even if I am not sleeping.
I took my night meds, I didnt forget about them. I put a reminder in my phone. it seemed to work thankfully. Now I’ve taken them and dont have to worry about it again until tomorrow morning.
Its 10 Pm now. I have done all of my self care things. After my shower I clensed and moisturized my face, I need to take better care of my skin, so I am trying to do that twice a day now. I have been saying I will for a while now, but I never got around to it. So now is my time. My face feels so soft now. It feels good: 😀
Well I am going to get off of here and go read. See if I can get through another few chapters of my book. I might be back later on. Or I might not. Who knows.

frum taylor

im taylor and im six. I skard. I not liking nite tim. it so skary. I cant sleep. I wanna do fun things. not be skard. I not like be skard. I ben cryin. I jus so skard. I had bad dreams. no like bad dreams. they mak my tummy hurt. and know wat else? my hart hurts too. im jus so sad. need a hug, im going ask Eileen for a hugtaday. I bet shell hug me. she gives safe hugs. I like to hug her.
taylor six

Late night snack!

Sweet potato fries and chicken fingers at midnight, oh so good!
I just decided on a wim to make myself something to eat. I thoroughly enjoyed my food too.
Since I am not sleeping, and it doesnt look like I will be sleeping any time soon, I figured it would be ok to make some hot food.
Now that I’ve done that, and filled up, I feel happy, and very very full!

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Not a good night!

It looks like I am going to get no sleep tonight! I feel tired but my mind wont shut off. I am wired! I cant seem to wind down. Just my luck!

I will just stay up reading blogs and watching tv I suppose. I see dr. barry tomorrow, but its not an early morning apt. I don’t see her until later in the afternoon. I hope I can function enough to get there! Well I will go whether I got any sleep or not! I don’t wanna miss seeing dr. barry!

Its awful when you cant sleep! I hate it!

Is anyone out there reading this? Could use a hug.