Shutting down for the night!

I’m shutting down for tonight. I am going to go to bed and read. I need to take another antibiotic at midnight, so I’ll stay up for a while but I will go lay down. Good night everyone, talk to you all tomorrow!

No go!

So I’ve been trying to get my niece to listen and sleep in my bed tonight, and let me sleep in the upstairs bedroom, which is actually the attic which has been converted into a bedroom.
She’s having none of it though. She wants to sleep up stairs.
But she doesn’t want my mom to sleep upstairs with her and her brother. Unfortunately though mom has to, since her brother is only six and if he wakes during the night, is likely to fall if he tries to go down the stairs, which are really steep.
She’s 11, so that little bit older, and is less likely to wake up during the night.
I said I’d go upstairs to sleep tonight if they wanted me to. I didn’t mind, but no, its a no go. She’s determined to sleep up there.
So what can you do?

brain dump

At the moment I feel a little agitated, but excited, and happy!
makes a change!
but why doesnt my brain want to shut off!
Its 11:50 PM. I should be winding down!
Okay, before anyone starts, I know, its probably all the caffeine I’ve had!
Im not too bothered though. I can stay up late, as late as I want. I do need to go volunteering tomorrow. But I still will manage that. I guess I’m just not ready for sleep yet.
I have random thoughts buzzing around in my mind. Thoughts about therapy. Thoughts about mental illness. Thoughts about my upcoming week. All mish mashing around in my head!
Whats a girl to do!
So what are you up to right now, readers? What is happening at the moment in your world?


Long night

I slept for a few hours, but I kept waking up because I kept hearing people in the hallways shouting. Mom slept all night. She has been waking a little for a minute or two but she’s been mostly asleep. I am hopeful tomorrow she will be fully better, she said she feels wrecked, and I’m not surprised at that at all. I think I managed to get about four hours of sleep. I lay down at around 9 PM, by the time I got to sleep it was about 10:30. I woke up again at about 1:45. I’ll probably stay up now. I dont think I can get back to sleep. 3 or 4 hours does me anyway, so I’m not too worried if I dont go back to sleep. I woke up so thirsty, thank god for diet coke! I had two bottles of it and have almost finished them! The room feels so warm, we have the wondow open but the room still feels very muggy. Dont really know what we’re doing today, it really depends on how well mom is. Its going to be a long night I think. All is quiet outside now though in the hallway I mean. So thats good at least.


Night time is…

Nights are A scary time for me
Ghosts from my past
Creep in
Unseen faces
Tell me things
Whisper in my ear
Haunt me
I think crazy thoughts
Cant quite stop them
Even though I want to
Sleep does not come
No matter what I do
Holding on
Held together with superglue
I sit, wait
For the night to end
For the daylight to return
Only then
Will I be
Ok, safe, happy

Night is…

quiet, uneventful
peaceful, no sound
except my radio
the presenters voice coming out of it
lulling me to slumber
night time
is not my favourite time
as my dog stirs
and I fall into bed
patting the bed for him to come up on it
he jumps up
snuggles down beside me
and I snuggle into his soft fur
and drift off
into oblivion
sleep comes, finally!