Blustery night

The wind whips up
Rain falls
Bouncing off the ground
And windows
Me and Nitro
Are cosy and warm
In our cocoon
With the heat on
I hear the rain
Hammer my window paynes
Oh how glad I am
Not to be
Outside on this wet night

Fowc: Impossible to sleep

Tossing turning
In a stange bed
In a strange house
Its impossible to sleep
So I lie awake
Watch the TV
Think a lot
Listen to the traffick outside
And wonder
When will this night end?
Just as I think I’m falling asleep
Nitro gives a huge shake
Oh no, wide awake again
Its one of those nights
Where everything conspires against me
And I just
Don’t sleep at all

FOWC with Fandango — Impossible

Freaked out!

Its 1 AM and I just had to let Nitro out!

I got a little freaked out going outside!

I let him out in the front garden, and everythings so silent, no noise, no one around.

The silence is a huge trigger!

Plus I felt kinda vulnerable as I am in my PJ’s.

But he’ll be ok now hopefully until the morning, so no more having to go out in the dark!

I’m so glad!

Just 2 hours

thats how much sleep I’ve gotten. I was watching tv earlier, and I fell asleep while my show was on, so I missed the whole show. But when it ended, I woke up. I stayed up for another hour, and at midnight I went to bed, but now I am up again and its only 3:15, I woke up at 2:30.

I’m frustrated. I really wanted to sleep longer than this. But what can you do? Sleep just isnt coming.

I do have to say though how proud I am because I have been consistently taking our meds. I’ve taken them now for four days straight, and I havent missed a dose at all. Hoping that this will turn into a new trend, and the days of forgetting to take them are finally behind me.

I have to try to sleep

I am going to go to bed and try to sleep. I probably wont be able to but I have to try. I am tired, so maybe I’ll surprise myself. I really hope so. It would be nice to get at least 5 or 6 hours of uninterrupted sleep. as I think I said earlier, I did nap this afternoon, so I hope that wont mess things up for me. We’ll see. Good night, everyone. Have a great night!