A car conversation with my niece

So this is the conversation that took place in the car between my 11 year old niece Lauren and I yesterday.

Lauren: Can you see colors? Or what do you see?
Me: No, I cant see any colors.
Lauren: So its all black?
Me: Well no, its not black either. I know when its dark and bright, but thats just something in my brain that makes it like that, its not actually my eyes showing me that.
Lauren: But why?
Me: Well I have no backs to my eyes. I was born without them.
Lauren: But cant you get new backs?
Me: Unfortunately not sweetie. You have to grow with them, you cant replace them.
Lauren: But cant you get surgery?
Me: Well if I had millions of bucks I would.
Lauren: But can you actually get surgery to fix your eyes?
Me: I dunno hun, I doubt it.
Lauren: I’d hate to not be able to see.
Me: Oh I dont mind, why would you hate it?
Lauren: I’d be so paranoid not being able to see.

Bless her. The innocence of it. Its the first time she’s really spoken to me about my blindness, besides asking a few questions about it when she was younger.

She must have been thinking about it. She’s at that age now, where she wants answers to everything.

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This house is so quiet without my niece and nephew

you know, normally at the weekend my sister comes over to our parents with her kids. not this weekend. i’m sad. and i miss them. the house feels so empty. and so so quiet. dead. no noise no shouting and screaming and yelling. i hate the silence. yesterday we all were together for the afternoon. my sister stayed for dinner after collecting the kids from school because her partner was getting their car valeted. we had burgers and salad and it was nice. the kids were in high spirits. after dinner mom and me went to the store so i could get money out of the ATM. when my niece asked me where i was going and i said the store and she was like on your own? in this horrified way lol. she’s so cute. then my nephew was asking me do you have games on your phone? to which i said yes but you arent allowed to have it. he was almost crying lol he is so addicted to the phone and tablet. i miss their antics today. i wish they’d come over. they entertain me. they are so adorable. i wont see them tomorrow either and normally my sisters comes for dinner on sundays too. so that means now i wont see them until after i get back from respite. which wont be until next friday. that feels like a long time.

Proud of my niece

My sister had laurens parent teacher meeting yesterday afternoon.
I’m very very proud of Lauren. She is only 8 and she got top grades in both maths and English. Her teacher said she is in the top students in her class in those two subjects.
She also said Lauren was very polite, and helpful to other students.
She said that Lauren finishes tasks very quickly and has to be assigned extra work while the other students finish their tasks.
Its so heartening to know she’s exceling in school!
Today she came home with a Christmas card she designed, the school are selling the cards to raise needed funds. Mom and me and laura are all going to buy some of the cards she designed! The scene on them is a snowman and its beautiful.