A shocking story!

I am in complete shock! Something terrible happened a few days ago in Dublin, in ireland! A bag was found by a young boy with body parts in it! Body parts! What is this world coming to!

They’re saying it was down to gangland activity, the body parts belonged to a 17 year old boy. He was murdered and then his body dismembers and tossed on the side of the road! How absolutely tragic!

This world is an awful place. I cant fathom how people could just do that and then go on with their day just as if
nothing happened! Its ludacris!

Its all over our news. There is a big guarda investigation. I hope they’ll catch whoever did this. They’re saying it was down to the teenager oweing drug money. But OMG! Its just terrible that his life was cut short in this awful way!


I got an A on my 3rd module!!

The results of my 3rd module are up on canvas. We had four modules in total for our course. The 3rd one I just finished in late October. For that module, I had to do a poster presentation and a learner log which was 800 words in length. I chose to do my poster presentation on friendly call and on isolation and loneliness, and I did my learner log on what it was like to work on friendly call. I just checked my result and I got an A for both the presentation and I also got an A for my learner log!
I am so very proud of myself! I put in a lot of work into both the presentation and learner log!
That means I will get a 1-1 first class honour in the overall course, as I have all A’s in the 3 modules, and I am hoping this last presentation I did today, for the fourth and final module, I am hoping to get an A on that too!
What a great way to end the night! I can go to bed happy! I am so elated!
This is the best news ever!
❤ ❤ 😀

Leisurely afternoon

I enjoyed a leisurely afternoon. I napped for 2 hours since I didnt sleep much last night. It was nice and I feel good after it. I woke up, made coffee, then jumped in a nice hot shower. Now I feel energised. I am feeling good. I am going to enjoy my evening and watch some tv, and maybe read. I am still doing really well on my food plan too. There will be a separate post about my food diary for the day later on this evening. For now though its back to watching the news, which is kinda depressing but I like to know what is happening in the world so I’ll watch it!

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I was down!

I had a great result tonight at slimming world! I was down 1 pound! I actually thought I’d be down more, but I am still happy with a pound. My consultant said that I might see it next week, she said sometimes our bodies take two weeks to adjust, so the extra weight that I was hoping to lose this week might actually come off next week instead.
Still its a good result! My weight is going down, which I am so thrilled about!
I am now down 2 stone 2 pounds, or for my US readers, its 30 pounds in total since I started a year ago!
So I am going in the right direction!
I am very happy with the progress I’ve made so far!
Heres to another fantastic week this week! Fingers crossed!

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All the news thats fit to print

Did you know?
That today is the All the News That’s Fit to Print Anniversary? On February 10, 1897, the New York Times slogan first appeared: All the News That’s Fit to Print. It was the winner of a contest organized by its new owner, Adolph Ochs. Trivia buffs: some of the entries included “Clean, crisp, bright, snappy; read it daily and be happy;” “Aseptic journalism up to date;” “Full of meat, clean and neat;” and “You do not want what the New York Times does not print.”

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Heard on the radio

I’m listening to the radio. I’m listening to a talk show, from earlier in the week, I think its last friday. A mother is on talking about her 12 year old daughter and her friend, who were almost abducted on their way home from school a few days ago.
It is so scary! 5 foreign guys in their 20’s, and one guy in his 40’s approached them, the guys were in a car, and they beckoned the girls to get in. The girls knew not to, but they panicked, and luckily another man in a van came along and blocked the car and allowed the girls time to run off into a nearby store.
God knows what would have happened if he hadnt come along! The girls may have been seriously hurt, or even killed!
Whats the world coming to? Kids cant even walk a short distance home from school nowadays! Everywhere is so unsafe, nothing and no one is safe these days.
I really shouldnt be listening to such things before bed. Now I definitely wont sleep thinking about this.

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