#3tc march 19th

Your 3 things today for #3tc are:

I’m not going to panic! I will go to the shop and buy what I can buy! And then, I will come home and make some fruit punch! Fruit punch is so yummy! I will make it and sit and watch a commedy on netflix and enjoy sipping on my fruit punch.
Life is good!


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Omg I think we arent far from going into complete lockdown!

Well guys, just heard on our news that from midnight tonight, all pubs here in ireland, and nightclubs, they are all closing their doors to the public until at least March 29th, but considering everything going on with the coronavirus, it will probably end up being much longer than that that they’ll be closed.
I know spain is in complete lockdown now, and france has closed all of its cafe’s, restaurants, and I think it wont be too long now before we’re in complete lockdown here in ireland.
Right now we have 129 cases of coronavirus here, which I know doesnt sound like a lot, but Ireland is a small country with a population of only 4 million. We’ve had two deaths from the virus so far. I also heard that the virus is in 140 countries worldwide now.
Its going to be a very quiet few weeks, I think. Since I’m going to be home a lot, I think I’ll get a lot of reading done, and will be watching lots of tv and lots of shows on netflix.

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Evening thoughts

Well, I am back home in my own house. My sister dropped me home after dinner. We all had dinner at our parents house first, then she dropped me and Nitro off. I bought Nitro a new bed, he’s in it now, but at first he didnt wanna get in to it. I think he needed some time to sniff around it, and see how he liked it. Earlier he was panting a lot for no reason. I tried letting him go outside, but he was still panting, I gave him some cool water to drink too. He’s fine again now, right now he’s laying in the hallway outside my bedroom door. I am currently watching a quiz show on tv. Its a fun show. I am also copying a tv show onto one of my hard drives. Its a show called Live PD. Its about police officers on patrol. Its a good show. I’m glad to be home. I dont have any plans tomorrow, but I might go visit my friend Norma. I’ll see how I feel when tomorrow comes. I may just stay home and rest. If I dont sleep well tonight I probably will just stay home and relax and rest up. How is your evening going? Thanks for reading my blog, I appreciate your likes and comments and views. Its nice that people want to read my thoughts and ramblings. I am very grateful that I have a following. Right now I am going to go make the kids a mug of hot chocolate. Then I think I’ll either watch something on netflix or read for a while and try to finish a stolen life. Last night an author named Ryan green gave me a number of books free, in exchange for reviews, so I will be reading those and reviewing them. They are true crime books. He gave me 8 books in total. That was so kind of him I thought. I love reading and I will enjoy reviewing them. Well gotta run now, catch yall later, peace out,
carol anne

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My new addiction!

Wanna know what my new addiction is? You guessed it, netflix!
I am in love! I have a new tv, a 40 inch flat screen tv. I am streaming netflix on my apple tv, and its totally accessible to me!I am in heaven! The only thing is, I’ve spent so much time scrolling through what is there to watch, and I havent even picked some shows to binge watch yet, because I am spending all of my tme seeing what is there to enjoy!
I did start watching fuller house, I love it. I loved full house as a kid, and the show is a remake of the old classic show, with all the children in the show now being adults. Its really good, a light show, entertaining, and non triggering which is what I need right now.
Anyone know of good shows, or can recommend some to me? I am pretty diverse, I like a lot of genres, I like medical shows, crime shows, documentaries, most things really, except science fiction and I am not a huge fan of horror either.
I’d love to know what you have binge watched, loved, hated, or are addicted to watching!

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tv shows to binge watch when your down with the flu!

The adorable and very sweet becky over at beckys mental mess has nominated me for a challenge, the challenge is to pick my favourite 3 tv shows to binge watch when I am sick with the flu or just sick in general!


  • No more than 3 TV-Shows
  • Pick the heros you like in each show
  • Add pictures of gifs, if you like
  • Humor is welcomed
  • Nominate some folks around Yes, that means other bloggers Spread the word!
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Ok here goes!

1 full house!
When I am feeling unwell I turn it on, its a very safe show for us, there are no triggers, very good and our littles love it, we all do actually. So I turn it on and watch the whole 8 seasons!
2 big bang theory
Sheldon, OMG sheldon is sooo funny! I laugh and laugh hysterically at him all day!
That show has so much good humour in it!
3 Law and order SVU
My fave of the law and order series, I love this show, I love the character olivia especially, I think she’s kick ass!

and my nominees to pass this challenge on to now are:
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Have fun doing this, I did!
carol anne


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