Aftercare visit with Nitro!

I just got a phone call from the guide dogs school, someone is coming out next Tuesday morning, to do an aftercare visit with me and Nitro!
It is time for Nitro to retire! I’m not exactly sure if it will happen next week, but it will definitely be happening soon!
He’s 9 this coming Friday!
He’s at that age where they retire!
The trainer whose coming out, I dont know him. I sorta wish it was Nitros trainer Nathalie who was coming out to visit me, but you dont get a choice in who does the aftercare with you.
I am really nervous about this visit! I just hope things go well.
Please keep us in your thoughts, its happening next Tuesday at 11 AM!


So nervous!

I am so nervous
I feel it all over my body
Nervous because
Of this time of year
I hate it
October is one of our worst months
Comes and
We get so scared
Monsters are real
at least they were in our childhood
So much
bad stuff
happened on the lead up
to halloween night
all I want
is for the memories
to go away
take flight
and leave me be
its hard to live in fear
of being so overwhelmed
that you sink

#Socs 18-08-2019 sleep, therapy and smear test!

I am again participating in Lindas socs prompt this week!
I shall just see where the prompt takes me! 😀

Your Friday prompt for Stream of Consciousness Saturday is co- Find a word that uses co as a prefix and use it in your post. Have fun!

Coffee! Of course you knew I’d choose that didnt you? Lol 😀
Its now 5:37 AM! I woke up a half hour ago. I didnt go to bed until after 2 AM. I was watching a couple episodes of a show called I survived. Its a reality type show, about people who survived horrific things, beat the odds, and survived despite everything.
It was a great show! I really enjoyed it. I love reality tv!
The little sleep I did get, was enough! I am not even tired now. I am so pleased because I have therapy this morning! I am so happy I will see Eileen again! First though I shall have a couple mugs of coffee. I need a pick me up!

I will be going home to my own house today after therapy. My sisters going to take me. I have some groceries to bring home, and of course there is Nitro too. What we’ll do is drop nitro off, and my groceries, and then I need to go back to moms for a bit, as I have my smear test today at my gp’s. I am so nervous, I hate having to have this done! But I know its necessary, I am just dreading it!
If you pray please pray I will get through it and be ok! I need all the prayers I can get!I am a nervous wreck!
Lets just hope its over quickly! And that its painless, mom said its just a pinch so we’ll see! Its not really the pain I am nervous about, its the actual having someone examine me down there!
I’ll post later to let you know how it went! If you can just keep me in your thoughts and prayers it will be so appreciated!
thanks! 😀


going Back to slimming world tonight

I am going back to slimming world tonight, after having a break. Its a month since I’ve been to group.
I think I am going to be up a few pounds. I wasnt being very mindful of my healthy eating plan. I was doing ok, but sometimes I was going off plan a little.
So I guess we’ll see what happens. I wont be surprised if I am up a few pounds though. In fact I am expecting it. I’m expecting to be up around 5 pounds.
I’ll keep you all posted and let you know the results later on tonight.
I’m kinda nervous about standing on the scales, even though I know to expect a gain when I do.


Update on the wasp situation

Well, I decided to talk to my supervisor today about the wasps. She is a community development worker, and I thought, if anyone knows anything about someone in the community that can help me, then she will. So I told her about the wasps when she picked me up.

She said as soon as we got to the office she’d ring the maintenance man that works for cork city partnership. So she did. He said we needed a professional, that it would be dangerous to allow just anyone to go near the wasps, in case they attacked.

She decided after talking to the maintenance guy, to ring the community warden, since I told her I’d rang the city council and there was no response from them. She got through to the warden, and she told her the council weren’t going to do anything about it, that it wasn’t up to them to actually do anything.

So then we went to mr. google. We googled pest control. And we found a local pest control place. I rang my neighbour and she offered to split the cost with me, if I got them to come out, since the problem is in her house also. So I rang the pest control place, the girl I spoke to said that a technician would call me back, but that it would be early next week before they could call me back.

Luckily I am not going to be home for the weekend, so that’s fine with me if I have to wait until next week. Their website says they deal with wasps, so I am hopeful they can handle it.

In the meantime, my neighbour said she has been researching, and she found some recipes online for natural ways to deter the wasps. So tomorrow she is going to go get the ingredients for one of the recipes, and make it, and try that in the meantime to see if it does anything. I gave her permission to also spray my windows, just in case it does anything, but I’m very doubtful that it will.

So that’s where things stand right now. I’m hoping by next week this whole mess will be sorted. I just want rid of the pesky buggers.

Wasp problem is getting worse!

Omg guys! My wasp issue seems to be getting worse! They are everywhere! All outside my window. My neighbour rang me this morning, she said she tried putting the fake nest up, they just kept landing on it. So that idea was a bust. She went out and bought powder, to try to deter them. So far it isnt working. We’ve been on to the local council again, no response from them. One girl that my neighbour spoke to told her it was our own responsibility to get rid of them, but thats not true. I rang them again today and left another message. My neighbour said two men did come out last week, and had a look, but they didnt do anything to fix the problem.
I am so so nervous! I dont really want to go outside unless its absolutely necessary!
This is no way to live!
I seriously hope we can get something done soon about them!


I have visitors! Unwelcome ones at that!

Guys! I am ready to totally freak out, anyone up for a lodger? Some company and a long term visitor? hahaha! 😀
I came home today and what did I see? Or more to the point its what my mom saw as we walked in my gate?
Wasps! It looks like there might be a nest! Outside my bedroom window!
Omg! I am terrified guys! Terrified of all bugs, but especially of wasps and bees!
This is my worst nightmare come true!
I had this problem last year, but I thought they’d gone! I thought they’d disappeared! My neighbour said she heard that if you buy a fake nest, and put it near where they are, that they think its a real one and dont nest there any more! But well I am not sure if that actually works or not its just what she said! She said she’d try it and if it works she’d get one for me too!
But Omg! I am like, is this actually happening? Nooo! It cant be!
I just hope I can do something quickly to get rid of them! I dont want them there all summer! I cant open my window now in case they fly in!
I am planning on calling my local council, to see if someone will come out to fix this for me! But they’re so slow! You could ring them today and they may not return a call for days! I cant wait that long!
Anyone know anything about wasps nests? It doesnt actually look like a nest, but there were about 20 of them flying around by my window today, but when mom checked she couldnt see a nest of them, so I am hoping there isnt actually a huge nest of them there. maybe its just a few of them or well I dunno, I am just hoping!
I’m so scared guys! You cannot believe how petrified of wasps I am!
I am terrified! Pray for me if you pray that I can resolve this soon!