Rumor has it…

A storm is coming
Rumor has it
better prepare
Wrap up warm
Stay indoors
Outside rain pours
Its a day for the ducks
But even ducks
Wouldnt want to go out in it
Sit tight
Mug of hot chocolate in hand
Snuggle in a fleece blanket
Read a good book
Sit tight
And wait
For the rumored storm
To pass over
And before we know it
All will be calm again
The sun will shine
And the birds will sing again.

#Writephoto prompt

For Sue Vincents writephoto prompt…

Rolling hills
In the distance
I sit
Beneath the trees
A cloud filled sky
Before me
As morning comes
The light penetrates
As I sit
Pen poised
Wondering what to write
Like a lightning bolt
Thoughts begin to flow
I look up
At those rolling hills
And that glorious sky
Now glistening
With amazing sunlight

Thursday photo prompt: Reaching #writephoto

Going to Rumlies pet farm today

I am going to a pet farm today. My mom and sister and the two kids are also going. I am the one who wanted to go, I asked my sister if she’d take me. I adore animals, and on this farm you can pet and feed all of the animals. I am so excited to go. I will take lots of photos and videos and I will be posting them on here throughout the day. So stay tuned for some cute photos and videos of the animals.
We’re going to take a picnic lunch. It is going to be an awesome day. I can feel it. I just love things like this, I am so looking forward to it.
I hope there are goats there. goats are one of my favourite animals. I think they’re so cute.
Anyway stay tuned for lots of updates all day ha ha ha!