As I sit here
Relief floods through my body
I am wide awake now
No more bad dreams
No more overhwlming emotional responses
to horrific memories
I am sitting here
Without fear
Its a Cathartic releasing
Of everything
Thats pent up inside of me
That threatens
to send me
Into a tailspin
Sitting here
Listening to the morning birds
sing their melodies
I sip on my coffee
Hear their call
And I feel
So happy to have gotten
Through the night
I am alive
i am ok.
I do not have to fear

Thursday photo prompt #writephoto

Welcome to this weeks #writephoto prompt!
This weeks prompt ~ Dance
(For visually challenged writers, theimage shows a pale sun piercing the mists above a green path through a golden field, leading into the centre of a circle of stones

In fields of gold
The sun shimmers
Over the misty horizon
I walk the path of green
In peace and harmony
soaking up its rays
And when I come to the stone circle
I sit down
Bathing in the beauty
Of all nature has to offer