buying fruit and a nap

whe mom went grocery shopping today, i got her to buy me a load of fruit for the week. when i am at the ILS course I always bring about 20 euro worth of fruit with me. that way it lasts me for the week and i have it for snacks. i dont know whether i’ll be down any weight this week, i’m hoping i will, but i really dont know. after being on holiday and all you just wouldnt know, it may be that i maintained or i may be even up a little bit.
either way i’ll just hope for the best and see what happens.
i just ate some yummy pineapple, grapes and melon. they were sooo good.
i managed to get a nap in too this afternoon. so now i am well rested. i dont even mind if i dont sleep too well tonight, because i managed about 3 hours this afternoon.