A restful afternoon

So I was going to go to my friend Normas house this afternoon. I had planned on it but then at the last minute, I decided that the weather was too bad, so I decided I’d wait until tomorrow to go visit her. Instead, I layed down and rested in the afternoon after dad and I had dinner. I rested for about 3 hours. I woke up all confused. I thought it was night time! It was only 6:30 PM though! Has that ever happened to you that you thought it was a later time than it actually was? I am glad I got some rest. I must have needed it as I slept soundly. It was nice and it felt good. I talked to my mom again on the phone, they are enjoying their trip a lot. When I talked to her she was having dinner, and today herself and my sister went on two long walks around lakes that are nearby their campsite. So that’s my mini update. Nothing else planned this evening, other than reading my new book, which so far is really good.

Cat nap

Well I lay down at around 6 this evening. I thought I wont sleep, but I ended up napping, and only when my friend Denise texted me with our result did I wake up. She wanted me to call her, so I did. That woke me up but that was after a 3 hour nap. So now I am wide awake, and its late, I took my meds, my night meds, I am hoping I might go back to sleep soon.
I will try for sleep anyway. If I cant or don’t, it wont be the end of the world. I can lay around tomorrow, I don’t have to be anywhere tomorrow. All I will be doing is reading and relaxing.

work and napping and and and…

well, i ended up going in to work. i wasnt going to but then I felt bad, since I knew they’d kinda be depending on me. so in I went. I am glad I did too. They did need me as someone else that usually does Tuesdays didnt show up. So I had double the amount of calls to make. I got them all done in 3 hours which is good considering the amount I had to make. My supervisor had told me she’d pick me up, but then at the last minute she texted me to say she was held up and she was sending my other colleague to pick me up. I was worried then about whether or not she’d be back in the office after lunch, since she usually emails me on my list of clients that I need to call. But in the meantime until she got back my colleague emailed me a list to get me started. Then when my supervisor came in she emailed me another one. So I was kept going. It was good, though. All of the clients were doing well. There was no crises that came up thankfully. I’m getting to know some other clients, than the normal list of clients that I call, since lately I’ve been doing extra calls and so I am not doing my usual 30 or so client list. Its nice to get to know other clients who are on our books. At around 3 Pm my colleague dropped me back home. I hadnt taken nitro in to th e office, he’s shedding really badly and so I left him at home because I figured he’d be ok there and I didnt want him getting hair all over the office when he starts shaking. So he stayed home, and he was fine, when I got home I fed him, gave him some more water and then I was done for. I had to go take a nap. I’d been up since 1 AM. So I napped for 3 hours. Like I think I said last night or maybe I didnt, but I know I’ve said it recently, I am napping when I am able to. I know its bad and I should stay up and sleep at a decent time of the night, but I dont sleep soundly at night, I feel safer sleeping during the day. So I napped and now I feel much better. I need to eat something but I am too lazy to cook anything, I could have a slimming world meal but I dont fancy that either. So I just ate a banana, and if I get hungry again later on I can have cerial. I need to tackle the rest of my assignment which is 1 3rd of the way done. I am not feeling it though. Not in the mood. I will probably do the second entry in a little while. I’ll see how things go. Right now my mood is good. I hope it stays like that.

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My sister made burritos for dinner today, she made some for me to have tomorrow! She’s a great cook. I love the food she makes, it was so nice of her to think of me and offer to make some for me.

I know I will enjoy them. My nephew has a match tomorrow, he plays hurling, its a sport that is played in ireland. Well he’s only six, but there is a friendly match on tomorrow morning that he has to go to. So mom and my sister are going to take him, then they are going to go shopping for the afternoon, but I cant go with them as i have to finish an assignment for college thats due this coming week.

However, I might go to my friend Normas house, if I get the assignment done in the morning.. Hoping I do, as I dont want it hanging over me. It is a journal of learning, that has to be 1800 words in length.

Other than that not much going on here. I napped all evening, so now I’ll probably be up for a while. Oh well. Thats ok, its the weekend, I was so tired after work today that I had to nap, I couldnt stay up any longer.

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Sleeping when I can!

I napped earlier. I am basically sleeping as and when I can! I dont get much sleep at a time, maybe 2 or 3 hours max. At least that is what I got tonight. I lay down today when I got home from work, after I ate I lay down, that was around 4 PM. I slept for a little while, until maybe 6 PM. Then I woke up and got up, stayed up for a while and watched some tv, lay back down at around 8 PM. I slept again for maybe an hour or so. Now I am wide awake. I suppose I’ll be up for the night now. Or until 5 or 6 AM at least.

I am still having very low mood. It comes and goes. Certain times of the day are worse for me. Early mornings, and late night seem to be the worse times. Late at night is especially hard, I think because I am alone with my thoughts then. Nobodys here except me, at least I have Nitro to keep me company, without him I dont know what I’d do!

I am basically swimming, trying to stay afloat, trying to do my normal everyday things, trying to function as normal. Its really hard. I am glad I made it to work today. That felt good to actually go. I am also really happy with my grade I got on my assignment for college! That was a tough assignment! I am happy with 60 percent. I feel I did better than I thought I did on it!

Well thats about it for now! I am going to go see what I can find around here to do to keep me busy for a while!

Catch you all later peeps!

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Napped, and it was so good!

I had a long nap this afternoon. For two hours. It was sooo good! And very welcome. I was so exhausted after yesterday. I had planned on having a bath, then I lay down and bang was asleep in no time, so I had the bath when I woke up after my nap. The bath was good too. I enjoyed soaking in it. I love taking long hot bubble baths. I can only do that at my parents house. It was nice though. I feel much better now. Mom is going to her brothers house tonight, but I am not going with her. I will stay home and catch up on blog reading for the evening. My mom said to me earlier that my eyes kept looking like they were closed, she said you could tell I’d taken something, when I say that I just mean my meds, of course. Its annoying how they effect my eyes. I wonder though do most blind people go around with their eyes half closed a lot? I dont know but I would think maybe so. I felt awake, and I felt alert, but it just looks like I am not. Its frustrating. I hope that wont continually be the case. Anyway. My plan now is to do more self care this evening. I am having a cup of tea right now. I am going to read my book in a little while. I still need to try staying awake from morning until night. But naps are so good. And I need them to function so I think thats ok.

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I’ve gotten a Catnap

Thats what I got. I went to bed early. I was super tired after the workmen being in my house all day. But I only slept on and off a little. And very fitfully.
Its now 12:30 AM. I am wide awake.
I think I’ll stay up a while, read some blogs. Then when or if I feel tired again I’ll go back to bed for a few hours. Thats a big if though. Right now I am drinking a cuppa.
Its a very peaceful night. I actually love it.

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