Emilia of My inner mish mash sent us a christmas package!

So some of you may already know, Emilia of the blog my inner mish mash was doing a readership award on her blog. She awarded us the award, and she sent us a package with some lovely gifts in it.
So yesterday afternoon, we did a video of us opening her package. I will share the video here for you all to watch.

Reblog. Does anyone remember me yet? :/

Emilia over at my inner mish mash sometimes lets her Russian blue cat, misha, take over her blog!

Misha is worried that because he hasn’t written in a while, people will forget him!




via Does anyone remember me yet? :/

Blog share. My inner mish mash

So my friend Emilia has a great blog which I think you should all visit and follow if you don’t already follow her!
Here she is introducing her blog!
My name is Emilia, I am 21 and Polish. I’ve been blogging on and off since quite a few years, but only in Polish and in the blind communities, so nothing major, but I liked it. And so about two months ago I decided to make a more serious blog, and moreover, to write it in English. I love languages and language challenges and think it was a fantastic idea, as I can meet more like-minded people plus develop my language skills at the same time. My dream is to make my blog multilingual though as I speak a few languages and want to develop them all. I have a lot of interests and fascinations and this blog is my outlet where I write about them. As well as my second, more public diary, so you can expect quite a lot about my daily life, feelings, thoughts, ideas, frustrations and everything that matters to me or moves me. I am totally blind since birth as well as struggling with several mental health issues – generalised anxiety, some speciffic phobias, dysthymia and most probably AVPD, still in the process of diagnosis as for the last one. So I also write about these things. I love music, it fascinates me and inspires me, and I like sharing my favourite music with others, especially that a lot of what I listen to is considered niche or is in so called uncommon languages, so needs more exposure, I think. Therefore I run a daily series on my blog called song of the day where I share my favourite pieces of music. I also have another daily series – called question of the day – where I ask my readers very different questions. I also answer them, so we can learn more about each other. Also I have a Russian blue cat named Misha who is my best friend and the best emotional support and sometimes he also writes something.
Will be thrilled to see you at My inner Mishmash.
If you want to know more about me, you can go here:
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Blog share My inner mish mash #1

My good friend emilia blogs over at my inner mish mash, go check her out you will love her blog and honesty! Here is her blurb she wrote about herself!

Thanks for the opportunity to share. 🙂
So for those of you who don’t know me, I’m Emilia, I’m blogging since a bit more than 2 months. I blog about everything that fascinates me, that I’m interested in, that frustrates me, everything I love or that matters to me. And since my interests are quite a few, you can see quite diverse things on my blog. I am also blind and struggle with several mental illnesses and through blogging I want to spread some more awareness about these issues, as well as to simply have the outlet and write about them. My blog is also like a second diary for me so you can see a lot of posts about my daily life, emotions, thoughts etc. I have a Russian blue cat who is 2,2 yeas old and his name is Misha. He’s my best friend, my support, and just my everything and he also likes to post something from time to time about his absolutely fascinating, fabulous and adventurous life. I love music and I’ve always wanted to share my favourite music with people, the more that quite a lot of music I listen to is generally considered – rightly or not – kind of niche and many people just don’t know about it, I also listen a lot to non English music, firstly because I myself aM Polish and secondly becAuse I’m learning a few languages and love many languages and love to explore music in various languages, that’s why I run song of the day series on my blog. As much as meeting new people is a significant struggle for me, I like to get to know people as individuals, I am fascinated by people’s personalities and what they arE like, I like to hear their stories and learn more about them. Hence I also started question of the day series where I answer a question everyday on my blog and invite my readers to answer it as well so we can get to know each other as for our likes, dislikes, views, tastes, whatever.
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