Happy Wednesday!

Happy Wednesday guys! Good morning, good afternoon or good evening, wherever you are!
Whats on the agenda for today?
Me I have college this morning. For 3 hours. I hope the morning flies by!
I need to drop Nitro to mom and dads on my way to college, as after college I am going back to mom and dads for lunch, and then mom is coming back with me to my house. She’s going to hopefully cut my grass for me if the weather stays fine!
I also go to slimming world this evening! So a busy day is in store for me!
And you? How does your day look?
Whatever you do, have an amazing wednesday!

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Happy Tuesday!

Hi everyone! Happy Tuesday! Whatever your going to do today, have fun! I hope Tuesday is good for you!

As for me, my day will be somewhat busy. I am going to go volunteering. I have to go in to the office early today, as they’re short staffed. I said I’d help out by going in a little earlier. My supervisor is going to pick me up at 12:30. Normally I go in at 2 PM.

Other than that, my plan is to have a leisurely morning. Take a shower, go on the treadmill, etc. Read blogs, email etc.

I want to wish you all a pleasant day!

Enjoy your tuesday!

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