Weekly song challenge, round 18!

Laura has very kindly tagged me to participate in her weekly song challenge, that she posts each Monday. Laura writes about her challenge…

I created this challenge just to have a little bit of fun. Music is my soul, so naturally I would create a challenge centered around it!! Let round 18 begin!! Let’s have some fun!


Copy rules and add to your own post, pinging back to this post. Post music videos for your answers to the musical questions. Tag two people to participate!

1. Post a video of a song that makes you think about unconditional love.


2. Post a video of a song that reminds you of your dad.


3. Post a video of a song about being a good man.


And I tag the following bloggers!



Have fun!

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Feb. 17th. Strawberry fields forever day

Did you know?
That today is Strawberry Fields Forever Day? In 1967, the Beatles released two songs, “Strawberry Fields” and “Penny Lane.” On October 9, 1985, Yoko Ono dedicated a 2-1/2-acre memorial garden in New York City’s Central Park as Strawberry Fields in memory of John Lennon.

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