A pick me up

i’ve just had a text from my singing teacher. she asked me if i wanted to perform at a gig thats coming up on may 31st. she said there was a set list of songs to choose from and she would send it to me later today and i could decide and then we could work on one together. if i do it it will be my first performance since i started vocal tuition. i’m excited. just to be asked, is an honour. i always think i am not that good and so the fact that she asked me was special to me. i hope there will be something on the list that i want to sing.

New song I am working on

I had my singing lesson earlier this evening. I love singing and I really enjoy my lessons. We started working on a new song. I think its really beautiful. I cant remember the musical its from but its a farely new musical. I’ll put the video below, this is what I am now working on, will hopefully post some recordings of myself singing once I’ve a few songs completed.

Here is the song I am working on with my vocal coach right now, its not my version

so here it is, the song I am working on at the moment, I just started working on it in my singing lessons. I love this song. The lyrics are so meaningful and I really think it suits my voice.
Its called I’m not afraid of anything and is from the musical songs from a brave new world.
This is not my version, I’m not near ready to share that yet.

carol anne