30 day blog challenge day six

what band or musician is most important to you?

As a system we like all sorts of music. It really depends on who you ask as to what answer you will get on our favourite band or musicians. But some of them are

Maroon five
Nikki minaj
Blue october
Linkin park

Begin again

This song is playing right now as I am thinking about the flashback I just had and how it effected me.  I love this song and I love taylor swift.  We can all begin again, after horrible events.  I think this song is beautiful and even thoh its about a new relationship starting, I see it as a reminder that just because something knocks us for six, we can and should pick ourselves up and begin again.


Just had to post this, thinking of my significant other right now

I’ve been sitting here thinking of my so jess.  This song reminds me of her.  It was one of our songs.  I just had to post it here this morning.

She’s doing a lot better now than she was.  She is out of the psychotic episode, and having better days.  She’s still in the psychiatric nursing home though.

Hopefully things will change really soon.  I tell her every day how much I love her and miss her.  We talk on the phone almost every day.


30 days of writing challenge day 7

Day 7: List 10 songs you are loving right now

1 all about that base megan traynor
2 cheerleader OMI
3 blank space taylor swift
4 fucking perfect pink
5 shake it off taylor swift
6 future husband megan traynor
7 thinking out loud ed sheeran
8 photograph ed sheeran
9 uptown func bruno mars
10 blow me one last kiss pink