Molly Hickey sings naughty from matilda, for voice works studio cork

voice works studio is where I do my individual vocal coaching. I thought I’d post a video of a little girl named Molly who is 10 singing naughty from matilda. Over the next few days I’ll post some more videos of students performing different songs. I havent done any videos yet so cant post some of me but it is in the works! Hope you enjoy.

darina i lern this new song

hi everybody
it me darina. i am gonna learn this song
i lik it a lot
i am six in case peple new to our blog dont knwo
i like singing and pop music
when i lern this song i will make a video of me singin it
and share it on here.
but first
here is the song

do you like it? it is catchy
i think i going to dance to it
darina aged six


i just got home after an amazing singing lesson. it was my last lesson of the term. however summer lessons start in two weeks time. they last for six weeks. i wasnt going to do summer lessons but i love it so much that i decided that i’d rather spend a little extra money on the lessons when i am benefiting so much from them. and i really am benefiting. not only am i practicing technique and learning new songs but i am gaining confidence and even doing the breathing exercises at the start of each lesson is benefiting me as i use it to ground myself sometimes. i havent done any performances yet but thats ok. we are going to do a couple of recordings of the songs i’ve learned over the summer. of course when i do i will share them with all of you. its nice to have something that i am so passionate about, and something that i look forward to each week.

I wont be performing at the summer jam fest after all

So you remember I got asked by my singing teacher to perform at a summer gig for adults? And I had said yes to doing that. But yesterday I got an email from the organiser, she wanted to put me singing in a group number, which would have been fine, I would not have minded singing a verse of a song as part of a group with 3 others. But then there were two different rehearsal times, and the times didnt suit my schedule. So it looks like I’ll have to sit this one out and not perform at the gig. I am a little bit upset about it but trying to be positive and say to myself that there will be other times for performances and I should try not to worry about it. Easier said than done though.