Post share: Music therapy can help us all!

Music therapy benefits all of us in many ways!
Read on for more on how it helps us heal and benefits our general overall stress levels!

5 Amazing Facts about Music for Stress Relief: Guest blog by Curtis Dean

Working on us prompt July 31st, music therapy

Becky has done her working on us prompt again this week, thank you becky! I love this working on us prompt, and I am again participating this week so here goes!

Prompt 1 questions:
Have you ever received music therapy as part of your treatment? If so, what kind of music was introduced to you? Yes. The drop in centre I go to had a music therapy group, we wrote our own song, and performed it to the staff there, and made a video also of us singing it! It was so much fun!
Do you listen to music ( if/when) you meditate? If so, what kind of music do you listen to? I listen to music almost all of the time. Music is my therapy. I love it. I mostly listen to show tunes, popular chart hits, and sometimes music from the 90’s or 80’s.
If you have never tried music therapy as a treatment, what types of music calm and/or mellow you? I like to listen to love songs, or show tunes, to help me regulate and calm down.
Do you believe music helps everyone and there is really no use for therapy in this regard? I believe music will help everyone, but I do believe therapy is also needed, music can make you emotional, and sometimes you need somewhere to go to release all that emotion that the music evokes in you!

Prompt #2 Music Selection:
Select 2 music video’s that help you and your mental stability when you listen to it. Also, describe how those songs make you feel?

The first song I’ve chosen is gravity by sarah bareilles.

I love this song, the lyrics speak to me, it makes me feel a lot of emotions.

My second song is I’m still hurting which is a show tune, its from the musical the last five years, I love this and have sang it in the past when I was in vocal voice coaching. It always makes me feel intense emotions too.

That was so much fun! Thanks again becky for a great prompt this week!

July 31, 2019 “Working on Us” This Weeks Mental Health Prompts for Blogging Community: Week 9 Topic: Music Therapy, How Does Music Affect You?

I’m impressed with the amount of groups that our psych hospital runs for patients

so i’ve been so impressed with the amount of groups that are run in our psych hospital. there are at least a couple on every day. they run a relaxation group each afternoon, they put a cd on and it guides you through a relaxation exercise for about 20 minutes. Yesterday I went to a guided meditation group, which was kind of similar. They also had mindfulness yesterday, where they did coloring in adult coloring books. Right now they have a music therapist coming in and they are composing a song and going to record it. I havent gone to that workshop yet but this week I probably will. They run a womens group, where women can go get their nails and make up done, and just do general girly things. There are activities like bingo, quizzes, games afternoons all run by the OT’S. Sometimes the OT’s take a group of patients out for a walk and a coffee. There is an inpatient peer support group which I went to this week and which I found to be really good. Sometimes at different times other groups will be run, like distress tolerance, staying well when you leave hospital, different psychology related groups too. There is also AA meetings and a weekly community meeting, and narcotics anonymous meetings for patients.
Overall I think our hospital does a fantastic job of providing good groups for patients to engage in while they are an in patient.

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Friday update

I’m having a really good day. I went to the basement club this morning to do my volunteering. That went well. There werent too many members in this morning though, probably they were all recovering after the christmas party last night. I did my two hours, then I just hung out with some of the members and ate lunch and we were chatting with one another. In the afternoon we had our music therapy group. And I already shared the song we recorded. I thought it was cool they put it on youtube. I hope the two music therapists will come again to the basement club and do another group in the new year. I really enjoyed taking part in this one. I left the basement club at around 3:30 and went to mom and dads. I’m staying here for the weekend. My mom made spaghetti bolognes for dinner which was really yummy. I plan on chilling out for the remainder of my friday evening. Tomorrow morning I am going to a stress management workshop at the basement club. It is a workshop to help us deal with stress related to this time of the year. The workshop was on twice, tuesday just gone and tomorrow saturday, and its facilitated by an outside person. I think it will be good. Its on for 2.5 hours. Other than that I dont have plans for tomorrow. My sister is going out with some friends tomorrow night for drinks and my mom is babysitting Lauren and davin. So I’m sure the house will be very noisy. I might watch a movie with them or something. someone from the weekend team is supposed to phone me in the morning and also on sunday morning and i’m kind of worried that I’ll miss their call tomorrow morning due to going to that workshop. If I do they’ll ring my mom, I’ll just tell her to tell them I’ll call them back when I get done and come home. Thats all I can do. I forgot that dr. barry had referred me to them for the extra support. I’m doing good today though, feeling emotionally stable which is nice.

Music therapy. Our creation

so recently I took part in a music therapy group. It was organised by staff at the basement club. It ran for a month. We created a song called oceans lullaby. Here is the finished product. We came up with the lyrics and melody by ourselves, and on the recording we are also playing all the instraments. I hope you enjoy it.

Long but good Friday

its been a long day. but a good day. i’m happy and thats what counts. i’ve enjoyed today although part of it was very stressful. i got some bad news about my mom. she has COPD as i think i mentioned before on the blog. so last week she had gone to the doctor and the doctor said she had a chest infection and gave her an antibiotic and some steroids. she also sent her for an x ray which she had today. i dropped her off at the hospital this morning when i was on my way to the basement club. so an hour after she had her x ray the doctor called her. she now has a lung infection. the doctor put her on another round of stronger antibiotics and more steroids. she said if these dont shift it she’ll have to go for a CT scan next week. either way next wednesday she has to go back to the doctor and she has to also see the practice nurse to get a lung function test and some other types of breathing tests. its stressful to hear all that. obviously i want her to be ok. in the past mom and i havent had a very good relationship but its gotten better over the past 18 months or so. it makes me nervous to think it could be something more serious than a lung infection. i know i shouldnt think the worst. i should think positive that maybe just maybe its just the lung infection and these stronger meds will shift it. i hope thats the case. so as i said i went to the basement club for the day today. i did my 2 hours volunteering this morning. that flew by quickly. it was quiet not very much to do or going on. i think i only had one phone call in the whole two hours. i did do up all the sign in sheets so now those are all up to date. i have to input the statistical data on the sheets into a spreadsheet. it sounds boring and it kind of is but i’m fast at doing it now because I’m used to it. i’m still being super healthy. i got mom to make me a lunch today and i brought that with me. a ham sandwich and an apple. then after lunch we had community catch up and then the music therapy group. today in the music therapy group we recorded the song we’d been working on last week. the song we wrote and set to music. it is sounding wonderful. i have a lead role in the song, i am singing the two verses on my own. i really love the music therapy group and i hope they continue it next year. we have two more sessions before xmas. the weather here today is freezing. my phone said it was 40 degrees F when I last checked but this morning it was 36 and tonight its supposed to go as low as 34. my sister lives out in the country and it snowed there. because the weathers been so bad the traffics been a nightmare. it took me ages to get a taxi to go home today from the basement club. i had booked one but of course it was late and i had to stand out in the cold for about 15 minutes. luckily i had a warm coat and gloves. mom bought me a new coat as part of my xmas present and she gave it to me yesterday. i rarely ware a coat and this morning when i got to the basement club colette one of the staff commented that it was the first time she’d ever seen me wear a coat. its a nice coat too really soft and has a furry hood on it and its quilted so nice and snug and warm. am staying at my parents for the weekend well until sunday. dont plan on doing much this weekend though. just my usual, will read, watch tv, just basically relax and keep warm. i’m feeling good right now. i’ll take that over emotional instability any day.

Music therapy

so yesterday i attended a music therapy group at the basement club. it was a totally new venture for the basement club. they’ve never done any expressive arts therapies before. it was facilitated by two music therapists. and i really enjoyed it. there were about 8 of us altogether. we started out talking about music we liked. and one of the music therapists was demonstrating on a guitar. he was demonstrating the how there is the rhythm, then the cords and then the lyrics. it was interesting. then the other guy took out some chime bars. and we started playing with those. they are these really cool little bars that you play with a stick. they’re kind of like a xylaphone. so each of us took a bar and a stick and we were counting and doing rhythmic things with the chime bars. and one of the guys was playing the guitar. it was totally awesome. then they asked us if we’d like to try to write a song. so we did. and we wrote two verses and a chorus. we called it oceans lullabye. i couldnt believe how easy it was to write a song. they just asked us for words. they played a tune and asked us to think of words it reminded us of. and that is how we put the song together. then we were singing it, all together at first. but then we decided to break it up and have one person sing the verses and the whole group sing the chorus. and well what do ya know, they chose me to sing the verses. i was so thrilled. and the music therapists said it was cool and i could really sing and what a beautiful voice i had. so yeah was thrilled. another girl in the group was playing the guitar with the music therapists, she’s really good at playing. so it was awesome and we had a lot of fun. the group is running for four weeks. but i’m going to bring it up at a members meeting to see if we can get the group to continue or else get a second group going after xmas. they asked us if we’d like to record the song we wrote next week. and if we’d like to make a cd. of course we all said yes that we’d love to do that. the music therapists have a whole lot of instraments and a laptop for recording. they told us if any of us have any instraments we can bring them in next week. we also decided that we are going to do covers of some songs for the cd. so it will be some we’ve written ourselves and some covers. and we are going to perform for the staff at xmas. it was a great experience. and my first time really participating in music therapy and i loved it. i recorded the session too so can look back on it.