hi. its amy

hey ya’ll
I don’t write here much. for those of you who don’t know many of us in our system, i’m amy. i’m 15. i’m an alter in our did system.
I love music, linkin park and pink are my fave artists. I love to party. I used to be a very serious kinda gal. you’d never think I loved to party, and years ago, I didn’t.
but all that changed, they call me amy attitude, and everyone in our system says I’m a little bit on the wild side.
I don’t mind, though. I love being me.
I hope to meet some of you. feel free to say hey, I’m friendly, lol.


im wide awake. at midnight, doubt i’m going to get much sleep tonight. and its not like im not tired! i actually fell asleep this afternoon after coming back from the gym for about an hour! i was tired then and i am tired now. but my mind is racing and there is a lot of turmoil going on on the inside. liz is struggling, so is wendy and pixie. all of those insiders are darks, and wendy and pixie are both in liz’s system inside. both wendy and pixie are struggling with flashbacks, and well ya’ll know what liz is going through, she’s written about it here lately.
i feel kinda at a loss to help them. not like i can do much. feeling powerless and helpless really sucks.
think i’ll go read. night all ifI dont sleep I’ll write more later.


me jus sayin hi tu everbody
wat yu doin taday
we ar at volteering
i not relly posed to be ote here
so i hav ta go insid afer riting this email
i can com back ote later agin
the bigs ar drinkin coffee
its ick
i tasted it
yucky haha
bigs ar werd thay drink werd drinks
lexi im six

heads up

From now on our daily inspirational quotes will be known as Alexa’s daily thought, the quotes I post wont be mine, but I’ll be the one picking them out.
Justthought you’d all like to know…
Alexa, Im 17 and I love collecting quotes

taylor hi everbudy

it me taylor. and gess wat? i taked us to therapy this week. i was out wen we goted ther. im not usuly loud to be ote, but it wasnt my fault cuz tha bigs were all not able to front, thay was feelin icky and depresed and sad. so i came ote in the midle of the nite, and me and emily stayed up and got us dressed and emily came ote in the taxi cuz she can sorta act lik a gron up but then wen we goted to eileens ofise i came ote and wen eileen came in she got a suprise! she said i did good to get us ther in one piece! but she said i needed to let her try to talk to the adults and go inside and rest. so i did. and she was able to get liz and that was ok then cuz liz can take care of us. i was glad cuz it fils betr wen liz is out or carol anne. they can take care of fings then. but i did a good job and i was hapy she thot so too!


I did something awful. I’m so ashamed of what just happened.
I was sleeping soundly. I went to bed at 11 pm and I went into a deep sleep.
well, I just woke up, soaked. I had peed in my sleep. I never ever do that!
I am so ashamed. So embarrassed.
I had to take off my wet pajamas and hang it up. I hope the staff wont say anything. The sheets are wet now.
This has hpappened before when little insiders were out. We have had accidents and have not been able to hold it. All I can think is a very young insider was out when this happened.
Its not a pleasant experience.
Just feeling bad right now.
carol anne