My partner!

i cant sleep. i’ve been thinking about my partner jess, whose currently residing in a psychiatric residential facility, a long term care facility. she’s been there for a couple of years. and i havent heard from her in a few months. so i decided to call her tonight. i couldnt reach her on the residents phone line. so i rang the main reception and the person who took my call said that they were cleaning the dining room right now so she told me to call back in 30 minutes. so i will. i really would like to talk to her and check up on her and make sure she’s ok. i miss her tons lately. its so hard not talking to her on a regular basis. like we used to. we used to talk every day numerous times a day when she wasnt in the psych facility, we’d spend hours on the phone or we’d email a lot back and forth to one antoher. i hope she doesnt think i dont think of her or that i dont care. i do care very much. its just so hard. so hard when half the time the residents phone isnt answered. hoping i can get through to her in a little while. fingers crossed. I’ll be so happy if i do.
carol anne


My garden

so i am not sure if i mentioned it here but…
i want to get my back and front garden slabbed, put concrete down.
it will be nicer than grass, and my mom has COPD and wont be able to keep cutting my grass longterm. so i found out i can get funding from an organisation who helps abuse survivors to do it. i just need to get quotes first.
well i’ve been trying to source landscapers so that i can get quotations. i got my OT mark to look up a few, he found two reputable ones, i rang both today but still have no answers.
one of the companies never rang back, and when i rang them they werent answering their phones. the other company did call me but the guy said he’s not taking new quotes he said he’s too busy and wont be taking any more quotes until september.
the thing is though the fund is only open until beginning of august, so if i want this done i have to get a move on.
so i’ll keep looking i guess. who knew it would be so hard to get a quote!
i will give the other company a few days, maybe they’ll get back to me after a day or two. here is hoping…
I really really want this done!
carol anne


hi. its amy

hey ya’ll
I don’t write here much. for those of you who don’t know many of us in our system, i’m amy. i’m 15. i’m an alter in our did system.
I love music, linkin park and pink are my fave artists. I love to party. I used to be a very serious kinda gal. you’d never think I loved to party, and years ago, I didn’t.
but all that changed, they call me amy attitude, and everyone in our system says I’m a little bit on the wild side.
I don’t mind, though. I love being me.
I hope to meet some of you. feel free to say hey, I’m friendly, lol.


im wide awake. at midnight, doubt i’m going to get much sleep tonight. and its not like im not tired! i actually fell asleep this afternoon after coming back from the gym for about an hour! i was tired then and i am tired now. but my mind is racing and there is a lot of turmoil going on on the inside. liz is struggling, so is wendy and pixie. all of those insiders are darks, and wendy and pixie are both in liz’s system inside. both wendy and pixie are struggling with flashbacks, and well ya’ll know what liz is going through, she’s written about it here lately.
i feel kinda at a loss to help them. not like i can do much. feeling powerless and helpless really sucks.
think i’ll go read. night all ifI dont sleep I’ll write more later.


me jus sayin hi tu everbody
wat yu doin taday
we ar at volteering
i not relly posed to be ote here
so i hav ta go insid afer riting this email
i can com back ote later agin
the bigs ar drinkin coffee
its ick
i tasted it
yucky haha
bigs ar werd thay drink werd drinks
lexi im six

heads up

From now on our daily inspirational quotes will be known as Alexa’s daily thought, the quotes I post wont be mine, but I’ll be the one picking them out.
Justthought you’d all like to know…
Alexa, Im 17 and I love collecting quotes