Shit night!

I had a shit night! I couldnt really sleep. I kept waking up every time I’d drop off. Stupid dreams kept waking me.

I finally decided at 7:30 that I’d had enough and I got up. I’ve fed nitro, and let him out. Now I am waiting for Frances to get here. She’s going to the store before she gets here, to get me some milk, some yogurt, and a stew that I am going to cook for dinner today.

I’m working later this afternoon also on friendly call. Not really in the mood for work today, but maybe my mood will pick up later as the morning progresses.

I need coffee. I’m more functional when I have coffee inside me.

I’m expecting a parcel today also. Its 10 christmas movies that I ordered on Ebay. I am addicted to ordering movies. Thats all I really buy from ebay.

Well, gonna go make my coffee, see ya laters!