Mommy daughter time

I spent this evening having some girly time with my mom.

My dad went to bed early, so mom and me sat in the living room, with drinks, and we watched a movie.

We watched pursuit of happiness with will smith, I love that movie.

We both had glasses of wine, and we just tchatted, and had lots of fun.

Its so nice to be able to do that, spend time with my mom, making memories.

We sat up until 1 AM. Now I’m still wound up so am unable to sleep, but it was a lovely evening all the same.

Pop! Its an animal thing!

The wonderful Rory over at a guy named bloke, has tagged me for this weeks pop!

PoP – Goes the weasle … maybe not, but!

Pop is a weekly blog feature that the lovely Becky, of Beckys mental mess started a couple of weeks back!
Thanks for tagging me for pop this week Rory! Its much appreciated by me!

“What is “Pop!” – Pop of Positivity?”
“Pop of Positivity” It’s based on one simple thing. “Life doesn’t have to suck all the time.” Let’s face it… There’s a Helluva lot of negativity in the real world, and it’s pretty hard to escape it. I thought of this as a means to brighten up everyone’s day. Taking time away from thinking about the negative and switch gears and think of the positive. Perhaps, we can all share some smiles along the way too.

Each Thursday, I’ll pick a Theme (Naturally, of something positive).

I will, therefore, Tag Two Bloggers to continue the themed positive message along.

You, the recipient of the tag can select anyway fit on how you want to share this positivity. (Example: A Quote, Affirmation, Music Video, Memes, Pictures, etc… As long it sticks to the Theme).

You will create a Pingback to the original post, as well as notifying your tagged blog

The theme for this week is funny scenes from movies, that have animals in them!

Here is what I came up with for this great theme!

Enjoy and stay positive!

❤ ❤

I tag anyone who wants to participate in this come on, you know you want to!

All thanks to Leigha!

Another blogger, Leigha has posed some questions, for us all to have a go answering, if we feel like it! I do, so here goes with my answers!

What is your favorite type of writing (poetry, flash fiction, stream of consciousness)?

Stream of consciousness is my favourite type, but I also love to dabble and try my hand at poetry!

If you use prompts, what kind do you like (picture, word, phrase, set number of words, etc)?

I love word prompts, and music ones! I cant see to see pictures, but when people actually take the time to describe the photo prompts for those of us who are blind, its amazing!

What is your favorite pet you have had or want to get?

I really want a rabbit! I do have my boy Nitro, a 9 year old lab!

Since this is close to Halloween, do you like scary movies?

Nope! I’m not a big scary movie fan but I do love a movie with a good twist to it!

Have you ever seen a movie based on a book that was better than the book?

A time to kill! A great book that was but an even better movie!

Do you prefer coffee or tea?

Without question, coffee.

If you listen to it, when do you start to play Christmas music?

After December 1st! I usually start on the day we decorate the house! I enjoy christmas music!

Your turn! Come on, you know you want to!


Song lyric sunday, my fave song from the movies

Jim Adams is the wonderful host of song lyric Sunday. And this week he’s given us a fantastic prompt.
Jim says this:
This week you can write about either the movie or the song, or both. Everyone should be able to find a song that is featured in a movie and works with this prompt.

Here are the “rules”:
•Post the lyrics to the song of your choice, whether it fits the theme or not.
•Please try to include the songwriter(s) – it’s a good idea to give credit where credit is due.
•Make sure you also credit the singer/band and if you desire you can provide a link to where you found the lyrics.
•Link to the YouTube video, or pull it into your post so others can listen to the song.
•Ping back to this post will eventually work, as long as you are being patient, but you can also place your link in the comments if you don’t like to wait.
•Read at least one other person’s blog, so we can all share new and fantastic music and create amazing new blogging friends in the process.
•Feel free to suggest future prompts.
•Have fun and enjoy the music.

I love movies, but musicals are my thing, I really enjoy them, having been in stage school for years, I took part in many, many shows.
Heres a song I really love, from a more up to date musical called hairspray, this musical is amazing, and if you have a chance, watch it.
You wont be disappointed!

did you know? its The birthday of the drive in movie theatre

Did you know?
That today is the birthday of the Drive-In Movie Theater? The first drive-in movie theater opened in Camden, New Jersey, June 6, 1933. The first movie shown was Wife Beware, starring Adolph Menjou. It was the creation of chemical company magnate Richard Hollingshead, Jr. He advertised his drive-in theater with the slogan, “The whole family is welcome, regardless of how noisy the children are.” 😉