You have what it takes to make a positive impact on this day, this place, this world. Do what is necessary to give the best you have to give.

Your whole life has positioned you to bring new value into being in your own unique way. Now is your time to act on that potential, that obligation.

You don’t know everything but you know enough. You don’t have limitless power but you do have plenty of ability, and opportunity, and genuine care about the quality of life.

Look at the world around you, at the people living in it, and ask yourself this question. How can you be of service?

Long years, decades, centuries from now, that’s what will matter. And as soon as this next moment you can feel the power of the good you choose to do.

Open your eyes as the sun comes up and a priceless new day of life emerges into being. Greet it and live it with the resolve to make it the most useful and generous one yet.

— Ralph Marston