Late what day is it anyway? may 10th?

Sunday, may 10th. What did I get up to? Not much.
I was at my parents for half of it, then after we ate lunch I went back home. Where I’m gonna be until next Friday!
I basically chilled for the evening, watching tv, and reading.
I am reading two books trying to finish them up. I am reading the first book in the hannah swensen murder mysteries, chocolate chip cookie murder. I am also reading overcoming, by vikki phelan, which is a book about a woman who was diagnosed with ovarian cancer after her smear test was misread. She was the woman in ireland who spoke out about the ovarian cancer scandal, where thousands of womens smear tests were misread, so that they all ended up with ovarian cancer and some died as a result.
The book is amazing! I highly recommend it.
On tv I watched who wants to be a millionaire, the chase, and tipping point, all quiz shows. Then I watched 2 eps of 48 hours. Then I watched snapped, and killer siblings.
I got take away food because I was craving it. It was yummy!
So that was my day, I hope all of you had a good day. If you are a mom and you celebrating mothers day I hope you had a wonderful mothers day.