I woke up feeling rough

I woke up this morning feeling kind of rough.

I mean, I hardly got any sleep last night. It was just too warm. I put the fan on for hours last night, it was 3 AM when I turned it off.

I did eventually fall asleep, but I woke up with a terrible headache.

Yes, I’m a bit hung over after all I drank yesterday at the barbecue.

I took two paracetamol, and drank a mug of tea to try to feel better.

I did not end up getting up out of bed until 10 AM!

Then my sinuses were playing up also, so I had to end up taking one of moms antihistamines.

And of course it is still super hot here today and the heat is effecting me!

I just washed my hair and decided to get dressed, and after doing that, I do feel some better.

I’ll head back home today around 3 PM!

We are having roast chicken for dinner, but to be honest, I don’t really feel like eating.

I haven’t eaten anything since waking up.

Its almost noon now, and I’m thinking I’ll make another mug of tea.

My sister texted me, she said she’s exhausted and she’s just going to chill out today. She took the day off work, her first bank holiday off of work in a long, long time.

I, too am just going to relax when I go home. I don’t expect to be doing anything major today.

Remind me not to drink again any time soon! Lol!