Happy tuesday!

Good morning everyone!
Happy Tuesday! What are your plans?
Mine are to wait for the damn plumbers! I am not looking forward to them coming! I’m hoping they will be in and out of my house within an hour, two max. I hate strangers in the house!

They should be arriving around 8:30 or 9 AM!
In the meantime I shall go make a cup of coffee, to calm my nerves! 😀
How are you all? Do tell me what is on your agenda today?
I just watched a video on facebook of a snake removal company removing 45 rattle snakes from a guys house in Texas! Alls I gotta say to that is, if I’d have been there I’d have run a mile! I don’t do snakes, even hearing them all hissing on the video was scary! Imagine 45 of them under your house! Wooo nooo! I would be terrified, makes me glad I don’t live in texas!
Well where ever you are in the world, have a great tuesday!

Good Monday morning!

Hi Everyone!
How are you all on this fine monday!
Good morning, or maybe its afternoon where you are? Or even night time or evening? Well, good day! I hope yours is fun, enjoyable, or if it is night I hope it has been good for you!
What did you do today, or if its morning, what are your plans?
Well happy Monday all! I will go now and make my coffee!

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Good morning, happy friday!

Hi everyone!
Well I had a sleepless night! I didn’t get a wink of sleep.

I’m sitting here with my coffee, just having fed Nitro. I’m already dressed, and its not even 7 AM.

I’m so glad its Friday. It means the start of the weekend! And I do love my weekends!

My PA will be here at 9 today. We're going to just do some housework. I feel like I don't have that much for her to do today. It is going to be a long morning for us I think.

I also have work today. This afternoon. A shift on friendly call. Next week I am covering peoples holidays, so I will be doing a few extra shifts on friendly call then.

Well guys, Have a great Friday! And, happy Friday!

Happy Wednesday!

Happy Wednesday guys! Good morning, good afternoon or good evening, wherever you are!
Whats on the agenda for today?
Me I have college this morning. For 3 hours. I hope the morning flies by!
I need to drop Nitro to mom and dads on my way to college, as after college I am going back to mom and dads for lunch, and then mom is coming back with me to my house. She’s going to hopefully cut my grass for me if the weather stays fine!
I also go to slimming world this evening! So a busy day is in store for me!
And you? How does your day look?
Whatever you do, have an amazing wednesday!

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Happy Sunday all!

Good morning everyone!

Happy Sunday! What are your plans today? I hope you have a fantastic day whatever you have planned!

My plans are to relax for the morning. Then go to my friend Normas this afternoon for a few hours.

Do you like Sundays? I do. I don’t like that the weekends almost over though!

Boo! I want a longer weekend!

Well enjoy your day and do leave me a comment to say hi!