Monday is here

5:30 AM. And I am awake and up already.

Mom got up at 4:30, so I got up with her.

She’s having a hard morning, she’s been coughing up lots of phlegm.

Thank god she’s able to cough it up!

We sat in the kitchen drinking tea, and I was able to keep her distracted while she was having trouble breathing.

She said, thank god your there!

I was so glad that I was with her!

I will be heading home at 11 AM. My PA Trish will be coming later today at 3 PM.

I don’t have anything ready to cook, so I’ll just cook something that doesn’t take long to make.

Maybe sweet potato fries, and chicken nuggets, or something simple like that.

I don’t have any other plans for my Monday. I do work today, so I will do that also.

I do hope you all have a lovely Monday!