Mondays has been relaxing!

I had a lovely day today! It was so relaxing, just how I like it.
The weather was even good today, it was dry and even a little bit sunny. I couldnt believe it when I saw the sun! There is rain forecast for tomorrow though so its good I’ll be staying indoors out of it.
I did some nice self care activities this afternoon. I had to shave my legs, which I hate, but I made up for it by putting some lovely scented lotion on once I was done. It smelled so good. I am not sure what it was called but it had shay butter in it which I love!
I also had a yummy bowl of stew for dinner! It was leftovers from yesterdays dinner we had when I went to my parents for dinner, I had a toasted cheese sandwich with it that was awesome.
I also read a lot, and watched a lot of tv too. I even fell asleep while I was watching the news! It was just a cat nap though. I rested for about 30 minutes.
I got a new case for my IPhone in the mail, but I wasnt able to put it on the phone by myself, so I will ask my sister to do it on Wednesday. It seems like a good case though. I ordered one for my mom also on saturday, and that is hopefully going to come before the weekend. If it does I’ll bring it to her at the weekend when I go visit her.
I made myself a nice caramel latte. I used my coffee maker to do it. It is just so delicious and tastes so good. I drank it while I watched judge judy, which was really funny today. She can always make me laugh.
What did you do today?

The Ordinary Moments