The meds finally knocked me out!

Well, after a few hours yesterday evening where the anxiety was so bad I thought I’d literally go crazy, at bedtime, I took all of my night meds, and a xanax.
I went to bed, and fell asleep quickly.
And asleep is where I stayed, well, I did wake 3 times during the night, for all of 5 minutes, I literally wasnt able to keep my eyes open!
I think the combo of haldol and xanax did it, knocked me out completely. But it was so worth it, I feel great this morning! And for once I have no anxiety and I’ve just taken my morning meds, I havent taken any antianxiety meds this morning though.
I made some tea, and ate some raspberries. I will see Dr. barry at 12:30. I am looking forward to seeing her. I want to explore med options with her, since the xanax is only a short term thing. I want to ask her if she’ll give me something long term for anxiety or what can we do, since she’s not big on handing out benzos.
Nitro is ok this morning, he’s had his breakfast, and he’s currently laying on the floor next to me happy and content. He slept well, lying just outside my bedroom door being very protective of me.
I think it’ll be a great day! I have to work in the afternoon. If the anxious thoughts stay away work will go good! If not then I’ll probably struggle with it.
I hope you all have a great monday!