Monday peeve

Man am I peeved! Really fucking pissed off!
I was trying to order chocolate milk off of amazon, not for me, but for a very special person in my life, who lives in the USA.
I have amazon prime, so well I thought, this’ll be easy! Since it was going to someone in the US!
How wrong was I!
It was damn fucking hard and in the end, I couldnt actually order the cartons of chocolate milk and I had to opt for carnation powdered chocolate milk instead.
Why? Because whole foods said they wouldnt deliver to my friends address, they said they didnt serve that address. I say fuck you whole foods!
So now, the carnation breakfast powder I ordered is being shipped by amazon, and they say it’ll be there by the 24th. So well, I’m hoping that is true. I did get free shipping due to me having prime, so I suppose that is the only positive to come out of my shopping on amazon.
Now after all that effort, I need a cup of coffee, the only thing is, its midnight! Damn and I cant sleep!
Signing off now…from a very irritable, pissed off, peeved, carol anne!

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