Weigh in yesterday, I got my christmas miracle!

So at weigh in yesterday I got the biggest surprise! A christmas miracle!
I was down a pound! I am like what? I am down? I was sure I’d be up!
I stepped on the scales and it read, down 1 pound since the last weigh in two weeks ago!
I now weigh 14 stone 4.5 pounds! Or for my US readers, I now weigh 200.5 pounds! Yay!
It has spurred me on so much to do good over christmas! Not eat junk food since I want a loss again next week!
I also got my half stone award! For losing another 7 pounds!
I am so thrilled! It was a great boost to my confidence!
So my plan now is to eat moderately over the holidays. Not eat a lot of chocolate, crisps, or junk food in general, and next monday morning when I have my weigh in to be down again!
So heres hoping I can do it!
But for now, my christmas miracle is the best gift I could’ve gotten! To be down 1 pound at this time of year now thats just amazing!

Update on baby Josh!

Baby josh is coming out of hospital either tomorrow or Friday!

He’s now feeding every 3 hours. He’s only taking small amounts but he’s feeding! He’s making good steady progress! The doctors are very happy with him!

The consultant said there is no point in him being in the hospital, he doesnt need to be there! All of the test results havent come back yet from dublin, but the doctor said they were happy to let him go home, and when each result comes in, they’ll call a meeting with his parents.

We’re all so pleased that he’s making progress and can go home! He really is a little fighter!

Only time will tell how bad his hearing loss is, the hole in his heart is, and whether he can see or not. Also, his feet are turned in so there is also that to contend with but the doctors say physio may rectify it! Only time will tell if that is the case or not though!

For now he’s getting to go home to his mom and dad, brother and sister!
He’s a miracle!

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I need a miracle

ice cold
numb to the bone
all alone
tears are falling
life is stalling
i am calling
no one hears
i sit alone
resigned to the fact
I am doomed
My nights are filled with terror
Nightmares, fears
My sleep is disturbed
and I am sitting here thinking
how uncertain it all feels
how like a water fall
cascading water
brings me closer
tears fall from my eyes
its no surprise
all I can do is cry
as I sit and sigh
And wish
For a miracle!

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