Weigh in yesterday, I got my christmas miracle!

So at weigh in yesterday I got the biggest surprise! A christmas miracle!
I was down a pound! I am like what? I am down? I was sure I’d be up!
I stepped on the scales and it read, down 1 pound since the last weigh in two weeks ago!
I now weigh 14 stone 4.5 pounds! Or for my US readers, I now weigh 200.5 pounds! Yay!
It has spurred me on so much to do good over christmas! Not eat junk food since I want a loss again next week!
I also got my half stone award! For losing another 7 pounds!
I am so thrilled! It was a great boost to my confidence!
So my plan now is to eat moderately over the holidays. Not eat a lot of chocolate, crisps, or junk food in general, and next monday morning when I have my weigh in to be down again!
So heres hoping I can do it!
But for now, my christmas miracle is the best gift I could’ve gotten! To be down 1 pound at this time of year now thats just amazing!