Bad migraine so didnt go to work!

I had a bad migraine this morning so I didnt do my shift today on friendly call, I told my supervisor I felt too ill to do it and she was fine with it.
She sent me an email a few minutes ago asking if I would be able to work all 5 days next week. I said I would, so she sent me on my list of clients to call. All of the staff from the office are self isolating now so we’re all working from home.
Thank god my migraine is gone now. I feel much better! I slept for a couple hours which was needed. I ate dinner and took a nice long hot bath.
I think this weekend will be full of reading and relaxing and not much else. I dont want to risk going out unless I absolutely have to.

Got my hair done!

So my migraine is gone! Yay!
Mom colored my hair for me. Its just a box color but it turned out great. It looks really good. I’m pleased with how it turned out.
Now mom and my sister are upstairs wrapping presents and writing out christmas cards.
I have my weigh in later this evening. I decided that I wont eat dinner until I’m done being weighed. I did eat lunch, I had a sandwich and an apple. I normally dont eat a lot on weigh in day.

Have a migraine so, No work for me

Well I have a bad migraine this morning. I woke up with it. I hate migraines! I hope this one wont last the entire day!

I’m not going in to work. I told my supervisor and she was fine with it. I know if I go in the headache will just get worse. What I need to do now is just lie down in a dark room and sleep it off.

I hope its gone by this evening, so I can still go to slimming world for my weekly weigh in.


Today Friday I had to go home early from the ILS course. I had a migraine.

It came on quite suddenly. I think half the problem was I was really tired. I always get headaches when I feel exhausted.

I asked if I coule go home at noon, instead of at 2:30. My tutor said that was ok, but she needed to write up an incident report, because that was the rules, in case the centre was inspected for health and safety standards etc.

A whole lot of bullshit if ya ask me but who am I to say?

I just said ok and got ready to go home.

I went to mom and dads. Had dinner there, then went and lay on the couch for a while and slept. When I woke the headache was gone.

The rest of my Friday was good. I wrapped some xmas gifts, and wrote some xmas cards. I watched some tv, and went online, and slept some more.