Random thoughts post christmas

i’m dreaming of a white christmas
a bright christmas
a quiet christmas
with no interruptions
as i sit reading
no screaming kids
just silence
as i sip
on my coffee
and sit here
having worked a shift
on friendly call
not all my clients answered
so i worry
are they ok?
i say to myself
I’ve done my best
Happy christmas to me
Except now its the 26th
But christmas music still plays on tv
Its nice to hear it
Makes me feel so happy
Anxiety looms though
Not far away
Its right here
Making a home
In my heart and mind
And I try
in vein
to get rid
of my anxious thoughts
and I remember
All the good cheer
and nice christmas
we have had
Together, as a family
Now, thats what keeps me going
I keep thinking
About the nice day yesterday
and I keep hoping
That my anxiety is going to disappear
Really soon