Mentoring session

This morning I had a mentoring session. It was great to be able to go in there and just talk to my mentor. I basically went in and vented to her about work, about depression and about suicidal thoughts we were having.
She asked me if I ever heard of compassionate fatigue. She said she thinks I may be experiencing it. I was telling her how I didnt go in to work last friday, because I was feeling like I just couldnt face listening to peoples problems, when I was struggling myself with my own.
She told me to read up on it which I am definitely going to do. Yesterday I did go to work, but I felt very resentful, and then I felt bad for being resentful, but I just was like, I ant deal with you, when my clients were telling me they were having a bad day.
I probably should have just not gone in. I did listen to them, but all the way through my calls I was like, please just get off the phone now!
My mentor said I am only human, and it happens, and for me not to beat myself up about it, that its just one day, and I dont usually feel like that when it comes to my clients, which is totally true, I dont.
The rest of our session was taken up with CV prep. She’s going to prepare my CV for me, and make some copies for me, so that I will have some just in case jobs come up, I’ll have it and be able to submit an application if the right job comes up for me.
We’re going to meet again in two weeks. I am so glad I have her. She is so understanding, she really gets it. Probably because she’s had her own mental health issues in the past, and now she works with the mentally ill, so yeah, she’s a great mentor to have.