Tuesday morning update

I’ve had a pretty good morning. My PA frances came at 9, she was soaked when she got here. It was raining heavily all morning, I thought she’d take a taxi but she didnt, she walked from her own house to my house.
I told her to sit down and relax and have a cup of tea, so she did, and I had one too. We chatted for a half an hour while we drank our tea.
Then she went to the store for me because I needed some milk. She decided to take Nitro with her, and she also decided to take him for a short run, when they got back they were both soaked again. I had to dry Nitro off. He loves being dried with a fluffy towel. He enjoyed his run I think.
Once she dried off she started on my housework. She made my bed, vacumed, mopped, did dishes, and she also did some other stuff around the house.
She’s fantastic at her job! I dont even have to give her instructions. She’s been doing it so long now that she automatically knows what to do. I just sat in the kitchen drinking coffee and playing on my phone while she got to work.
She left at 11:30. I called my mom then. I got a text from the parcel delivery people, a package is arriving today for me, its arriving between 4 PM and 5 PM. I love that they text me with the drivers name and the time it will arrive. It really puts me at ease and I know who is going to deliver the package, so I can talk to the driver when he arrives with it.
I’ve started ripping movies to my computer. I’ll do that for a while, then I’ll go have some lunch, I have no plans for the rest of today, but I am planning on reading and maybe watching a movie or a show on prime or netflix.
I hope your all having a good tuesday! Stay safe and be well!