Host post-I finally met dr. Barry

Its Shirley. Today I finally met Dr. Barry our psychiatrist. She’s only been my Dr. for the past 2 and a half years, and all that time I never met her. It was so good to finally talk to her. i really liked her.
We talked about the did diagnosis. She was interested to know how I felt about it. I told her mostly I find it hard to believe in all that. That I dont feel normal having others in my head. That I am missing out on so much of my life.
During our conversation her phone rang and she had to step out of the room. I was so anxious when she was gone out of the room. I just felt unsafe. There were so many people walking up and down, all of them I didnt know. I was sure glad when Dr. Barry came back in the room again.
She asked if I knew why I’d been hospitalised recently. I told her I was unsure but that I thought it had something to do with my mental illness. She said we’d had a bit of a crisis and we needed to be in there but she said today wasnt the day to talk about what that crisis was. She said she thought I’d become more anxious and it wouldnt be fair to me.
I’m glad I talked to her though. I found her to be so caring. And really interested in me as a person. I definitely want to talk some more to her.

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