May day email eileen sent me

as my readers will know, it was may day yesterday. A really hard ritual trigger date. So I had emailed eileen on Friday night, when I was triggered and overwhelmed thinking about the day and what it might mean for us.
She responded to that email yesterday but I never went online then so I am only seeing it now.
Here is her response to me.
Carol anne
I got your email and do recognise that today is a trigger date for you. I also want you to recognise that a trigger means activating memories from another time as if it were happening now. You have a choice now in how you live your life, and how you spend your day. Don’t forget will be the most healing thing for traumatised insiders to see that you as a system are not hampered by the restrictions of the past and can enjoy the day as the beginning of a different season with new possibilities.

And you know, she is right. We got through May day. We survived. We even enjoyed some of the day. We did not spend our time in a triggered state. We werent contacted by past abusers. We were safe. We are safe now and we can heal!