Going into the hospital tomorrow

I just saw Dr. Barry. We talked about how we’ve been doing. She’s going to admit us to hospital for safety reasons. There is no bed right now but there will be one tomorrow so we’ll go in then.
Feeling apprehensive about going in. I know its probably necessary. We have been very suicidal and emotional and just very unstable. This is the best thing for us right now I guess.
She told me to take an extra lyrica tonight to help the anxiety. We talked a little about other med options but we arent sure yet where we’ll go with that.
Once we are in there she will switch our meds, she said we could go on another antipsychotic, or an SSRI, those are the only things that will combat the ptsd symptoms. She doesnt prescribe benzos longterm so ativan and xanax arent runners.
You’ll probably see me writing a lot while I am inpatient. It keeps me sane. I’ll probably write about all the fiascos on the ward. So tomorrow, wish me luck…