Lazy Sunday

i’ve had a lazy sorta day. got up around 10. would have stayed in bed longer but my mom was making breeakfast and asked if i wanted some so i reluctantly got out of bed. had had a good sleep anyway last night, went to bed really early and got all caught up on sleep. think i needed the extra few hours in bed. felt really refreshed today. didnt do much all morning after breakfast, just sat around talking to mom and waiting for my sister to come with her partner and the kids. they came at around 1 PM. my sister had a hang over because she’d been drinking last night since the kids were in their other grammas her partners moms house. so she was feeling bad and couldnt eat dinner. i thought i’d have to get a taxi home but she drove me home after i had eaten. i’d been at my parents since thursday and so my house was freezing since there had been no heating on for the whole weekend. i put it on right when i got home and its been on ever since. my house takes a long time to heat up. its only 33 tonight so cold!  my friend came over for a while after i got home.  other than that did not do much of anything else. watched x factor and listened to the radio for a while. did some stuff online and am still awake now at 1 AM. its weird how it goes with me i either sleep too little or too much. therapy tomorrow morning and i think we really need it since we havent had any in two weeks.